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7 Reasons Why Americans Are Flocking To This Popular Southeast Asia Island  

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Imagine the most beautiful white sand beach you’ve ever seen.  

You’re welcomed by a sea of smiling faces, and if you can tear yourself away from that incredible beach, there’s so much to see and do.  

Filipino boat in the sea in Boracay, Philippines

It’s no wonder American tourists are flocking to Boracay, which is the most popular island in the Philippines.  

Here are 7 reasons why: 

American Tourists Are Welcome  

People in the street in Boracay, Phillippines

A whopping 16.57% of all arrivals to Boracay in 2023 were American citizens.  

This is the second largest group of tourists after Koreans, although U.S. travelers were by far the bigger spenders, making them the most valuable in the eyes of the local authorities. 

According to the Filipino Tourism Attache Francisco Lardizabal, the Philippines are hoping to attract at least a million American tourists to the country this year.  

Boracay Island was listed as the top destination in the Philippines for American travelers.  

What does that mean for you? Well, it means you’re sure to receive a warm welcome!  

And this is welcome news when other popular destinations (including many parts of Europe) are asking tourists to stay away right now.  

Tourist Numbers Are Limited  

Boracay Island aerial view, Western Visayas, Philippines.

Visitor numbers to Boracay Island are restricted on a daily basis in order to ensure the environmental regulations are adhered to and to ensure the ecosystem of the small island is protected.  

19,215 visitors per day can visit the island per day. But as the average tourist stays on the island for 3 days, that means the island tends to accept a maximum of just 6,405 daily arrivals.  

Throughout April, arrival numbers met or slightly exceeded these tourist limits, showing just how popular the breathtakingly beautiful island is.  

But because there are limitations in place, you’ll never feel too crowded or overwhelmed here. It’s your own patch of island paradise and so beautiful that you have to see it to believe it!  

Pristine White Sand Beaches  

white beach and christian shrine and paddle boats on boracay tropical island

Boracay is known for boasting some of the best beaches in the world, regularly making best beach lists for the quality of its sand and the transparency of its turquoise blue water.  

In TripAdvisor’s list of the best beaches in the world, the beaches here are consistently in the top 25 despite being a relatively small and niche destination.  

That’s because the quality of the beaches is, put simply, so exceptional.  

White Beach is the most popular and longest beach in Boracay. It’s well known for its powdery white sand and lively nightlife. You can relax here all day and then party all night. 

If you prefer your beaches a little more low key then try Tambisaan. This is the only beach in Boracay that has a large amount of marine life and is perfect for snorkeling as well as for relaxing on the shoreline.  

Visit For Kitesurfing 

Strong wind at Bulabog beach, one of the most sought-after spots for kiteboarding and windsurfing,

Admittedly it’s a niche interest, but if you enjoy kitesurfing or windsurfing then Boracay offers near-perfect conditions.  

The sea is warm and clear, you’ll find other enthusiasts to share your interest with, and the wind is very reliable.  

The best beach to visit whether you’re an expert or a novice who just wants to give it a try is Bulabog.

As an added bonus, this beach is just a 5-minute walk from White Beach.  

Improving Transport Links  

Filipino boat in the sea

Most international tourists to the Phillippines arrive at Manila airport. But if you want to explore Boracay then you’ll need to get onto another plane to the island.  

You can fly to either Caticlan (Godofredo P. Ramos Airport) or Kalibo. Caticlan is closer, but Kalibo tends to be cheaper.  

From Caticlan, you will take a boat ride to Boracay Island. If you land in Kalibo, you'll need to take a bus or van to Caticlan Port before you hop on the boat to Boracay.  

But transport links to the island are set to improve.  

AirAsia Philippines is planning to introduce more direct flights to Boracay to decongest Manila airport. While this won’t mean a nonstop flight for U.S. travelers, it will make the island easier to get to than it has been before.  

Fun Nightlife  

Festival Ati-Atihan on Boracay, Philippines

Although it’s a small island, Boracay knows how to party!  

Drinking alcohol on the beach and in the streets is no longer permitted following the island’s closure in 2018, but you’ll still enjoy laid-back vibes, cocktail bars, and nightclubs too.  

Boracay is famous for its party pub crawl, and if you like to party, then it’s not to be missed. 

Safe, Secure, And Sustainable 

Boracay beach, Philippines

In 2018, the Philippines government closed Boracay Island for 6 months so it could be cleaned up and improved to meet sustainability standards.  

In 2020 more than 400 hotels and restaurants were ordered to close for violating the island’s strict environmental laws.  

The commitment to sustainability and to preserving the island for future visitors is an incredibly appealing aspect of visiting Boracay.  

There is a commitment to learning lessons from the past and ensuring that the island stays as beautiful as it is right now.  

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