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7 Reasons Why Cancun Is The Number One Vacation Spot In Mexico This Summer

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It's no surprise Cancun remains a top destination in Mexico. It has been thriving with tourists all year long as the travel industry shows no signs of slowing down.

Now that it's August, we are entering the peak of the summer season, with travelers still flocking to Cancun in droves.

In fact, it's expected that 150,000 tourists will continue to arrive weekly. Nearly 3/4 of the hotel rooms are sold out, giving it one of the highest occupancy rates in the country.

aerial view of Cancun beach

Cancun is the most popular destination in Mexico and will remain that way through the rest of the summer.

Here are 7 reasons why this sun-soaked city is the number one vacation spot in Mexico this summer:

Postcard-Worthy Beaches

First and foremost, the main draw of Cancun has always been the world-class beaches. We're talking glistening white sand and crystal blue waters that you would see on a postcard.

Travelers have had Cancun at the top of their list for dream vacations for decades, and the only thing that's changed is people are flocking here more than ever.

beach in Cancun

What's even better now is sargassum is far less of a concern. Massive cleanup efforts have taken place to make the waters in excellent condition for a swim.

So Easy To Reach

Not only is Cancun an appealing destination for the rest of North America, it's a global vacation spot. Cancun's main airport is home to dozens of airlines across the world.

Although, more and more U.S. and Canadian flights are being added the most. Since this popular beach spot is thriving with travelers, airlines have taken notice and added more flights.

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travelers boarding plane

It would be hard to find a major hub that doesn't fly to Cancun since over 40 nonstop flights are currently in service from the continental U.S.

Increased Safety Efforts

Sometimes people fear coming to Mexico as a lot of security alerts get tied into the whole country.

However, this is misguided and does not apply to most resort towns, especially Cancun and the rest of the Mexican Caribbean.

Cancun is very safe. So much so that the military has actually guaranteed tourists' safety during their vacation.

police car in Mexico beach town

It is estimated over 20 million visitors safely make it back home unscathed after visiting this region. Very rarely are tourists affected by violent crime.

Cancun has implemented more security forces to make their presence known and for tourists to feel protected.

Affordable Airfare

It was recently reported by Priceline that Cancun is the most affordable international destination to reach for a last-minute summer trip.

spirit planes at Cancun airport

The average airfare is $395 roundtrip, but a lot of factors go into determining the price of airfare. However, if that's the average, then that means some travelers will be able to book for even less.

If it's the most affordable last-minute trip internationally, that makes it the most affordable in Mexico too.

Travelers are always seeking trips south of the border, and Cancun tops them all.

A Gateway Into The Mexican Caribbean

Cancun is an amazing destination all on its own, but it's also a perfect gateway into the Mexican Caribbean.

aerial view of Cozumel beach resort

Whether your final destination is Cozumel, Tulum, or the Riviera Maya, Cancun is an excellent launching pad into wherever your itinerary takes you.

This gorgeous region of Mexico is riveting with stunning beauty at every turn and is the perfect place for an enjoyable dream vacation.

Cancun Is More Cultural Than You Would Expect

Some people might think Cancun is just nice beaches and luxury resorts, but that's not the case.

If you leave the cushy resorts and explore the city, you will find a plethora of museums, markets, and historical ruins.

market in mexico

In fact, some ruins have recently been renovated, such as El Meco and El Rey. Travelers love perusing through bustling markets for a taste of local life, and the Mayan Museum of Cancun is a top cultural experience as well.

Solo Travel Is Booming

Cancun isn't just a getaway for couples, friends, or Spring Breakers. Solo travel is one of the trendiest ways to explore the world this year.

This sunny escape is a top destination for travelers coming on their own. With hotel occupancy rates super high, Cancun offers a wide variety of comfortable hostels as well as Airbnbs.

solo traveler on beach hammock

For those solo trippers who are also digital nomads, Cancun is super accommodating for that lifestyle too, with co-working spaces and hostels suited for working on the go.

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