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7 Reasons Why The Mexican Caribbean Is Trending With Digital Nomads

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Mexico seems to constantly be at the top of every list of best travel destinations. Between all the gorgeous beach destinations and underrated gems, this country is hard to pass up for any type of traveler.

However, the beautiful Mexican Caribbean is becoming a hotspot for digital nomads. Beyond the ritzy resorts and blue waters is a thriving remote work scene across the whole region.

Man and woman on beach in mexico that are digital nomads

As one might imagine, travelers working from their laptops enjoy the same vacations as anyone else.

What better place to get paid to work on the road than the Mexican Caribbean?

Here are 7 reasons why the Mexican Caribbean Is Trending With Digital Nomads:

No Need To Get Confused By Visas

Some countries digital nomad visa requirements can turn your brain into mush reading through all the requirements.

Make X amount of money, bring this many IDs, show this many bank statements and so on and so on.

immigration control at airport

Mexico, on the other hand, is very straightforward and wants to entice people to come work here and put money back into the economy.

That being said, U.S. citizens need not worry as long as they are staying in Mexico for under 6 months.

If that's the case, the 6-month tourist visa will suffice.

Amazing Weather

Obviously, the Mexican Caribbean wouldn't be a top beach destination without some amazing weather.

The best part is the weather is awesome year-round. Temps average about 75 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year.

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sunset at beach

Of course, summer is a little hotter, but as Fall is just around the corner, digital nomads can still enjoy a beautiful day after work. Maybe even find a nice patio to enjoy the ocean breeze while getting paid for it.

Reliable Internet Connections

No matter if you are in Cancun, Tulum, or Cozumel, travelers will be able to access reliable Internet to complete their tasks.

Each city has a variety of co-working spaces and reliable cafes, including Starbucks if you need a taste of home.

using wifi at the beach

With consistent speeds of 35Mbps, digital nomads don't have to worry about lagging behind in work. Some beaches in the area will soon be equipped with public Wi-Fi making for a perfect backdrop to make your co-workers jealous on video chats.

Low Cost Of Living

Digital nomads' paychecks can be all over the map, both literally and figuratively. There are so many jobs that can be performed remotely these days; it's not always high-end professions.

Many freelancers and side hustlers may be able to support themselves but may not be raking in boatloads of cash.

mexican pesos in hand

That's why budgeting tends to be a high priority for those who take the lounge into digital nomadism.

Mexico is known for having a low cost of living, including popular beach destinations.

Welcoming Locals

Given that this region is a travel hotspot bringing in tourists all year, the locals are accustomed to having visitors in their neck of the woods.

Digital nomads blend in and feel right at home with the warmth of friendly locals embracing them. In fact, having visitors here tends to help the economy.

2 hispanic women smiling and laughing

The more people who come to visit, the more money is spent. Mexico thrives on the tourism industry and has many workers who rely on having travelers visit.

It's no different from digital nomads, who tend to stay longer than the average traveler.

Endless Things To Do

No matter where you are in the Mexican Caribbean, there're ample things to do and see to keep busy. If Tulum doesn't pique your interest one day, it's easy to hop over to Cancun or anywhere in between.

From amazing archeological sites spread out across the region to pristine beaches to spend the day in the sun, it's hard to be bored here.

mayan ruins in tulum

And just wait until the Maya train opens to make it even more efficient and fun to get around!

Excellent Long-Term Accommodations

Unless you have a garden full of money trees, it's probably best not to book monthly stays at all-inclusive resorts, as nice as they are.

Better options are Airbnb, hostels, and other local vacation rental agencies. Many accommodations are in very convenient locations.

There are some great options that have amenities that are very beneficial to remote workers, including workstations and reliable wifi.

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