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7 Reasons Why This Major City Is Finally Making Its Tourism Comeback

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Hong Kong tourism is finally coming back after the pandemic, and there are many reasons to consider a trip to this major worldwide tourist destination.

So, if you are after some epic dim sum, or world-class shopping and dinner at rooftop restaurants with dizzying views, have a look at why this hotspot is finally making its way back onto travelers’ bucket lists. 

Young woman traveler traveling into Hongkong beautiful golden teak wood pagoda at Nan Lian Garden in Hong Kong copy

According to a new report, Hong Kong is the only destination where travel has increased month after month, based on visitor arrivals from January thru July 2023.

When compared to figures from last year, for example, 69% more tourists visited Hong Kong in July 2023 versus July 2019 (the last year of normal tourism). 

While a large percentage of international arrivals to Hong Kong are from Mainland China, the number of other international visitors is rising as well. There are many reasons that this fascinating city is finally rebounding, from the ease of restrictions to new museums opening up. 

Panorama of Young man traveler at the peak of Victoria against the backdrop of Hong Kong.

Here Are 7 Reasons Why Hong Kong Is Finally Making Its Tourism Comeback:

Restriction Free

It’s no secret that Hong Kong had some of the stricter (and longer-lasting) entry requirements when it began reopening after the pandemic, and many international tourists stayed away because of this.

In celebration of their reopening, Hong Kong even gave away 500,000 free flights, which were of course snapped up quite quickly.

As of April 2023, things are now back to normal and no testing or quarantines are required, making travel here easy and convenient. 

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@lydearlyy from a gurlie who has stayed here for 2 months and has made multiple trips back the last half a year, here are 13 places that made me fall in love with the city! pretty much my list of favourite places in hong kong – some are not too mainstream so its super underrated 🥹 #13reasonswhy #travel #hongkong #placestovisit #fyp ♬ Obituary – Alexandre Desplat

Cultural Melting Pot 

If you ask any travelers, they will likely tell you that Hong Kong is one of the most unique places they have ever been.

The cultural melting pot atmosphere is evident in all ways of life, with tiny, charming mom-and-pop stores next to the glamorous skyscrapers, trams crisscrossing the narrow streets, and more hole-in-the-wall places to discover than you could imagine.

The Chinese and British influence here leads to such a unique vibe that it’s hard to imagine it being replicated anywhere else. A visit to Hong Kong will leave you surprised, and there is more to see and do here than you could possibly cover in one (or two, three, four, or a hundred) trips.

@discoverhongkong Add this new arts destination to your bucket list – The Hong Kong Palace Museum #HelloHongKong #DiscoverHongKong ♬ original sound – DiscoverHongKong

Something For Every Budget 

Is Hong Kong one of the most expensive destinations in the world? Yes.

Is it possible to visit on a budget? Also yes.

There really are two sides to Hong Kong, and while you can easily splash out on everything from rooftop suites and Michelin-star meals, there are also loads of options for keeping costs low. 

Some accommodations can be found at rock-bottom prices, although you might want to check them out yourselves before booking. Many of the areas sprawling districts and islands can be explored with one transport card (the essential Octopus card), and meals in the local places and street food options are always amazing and cost next to nothing. 

Insider Tip: If you are looking for a rooftop view, you don't always have to splurge for a fancy bar. Some public buildings have great areas that you can access for free, a quick Google search will help you see which ones are open for your trip. 

@discoverhongkong Who says budget-conscious itineraries mean no fun? We will recommend you 10 must-visit free attractions in Hong Kong – The Big Buddha and Victoria harbourside are just the first few spots, so please keep an eye on our page for more tips for visiting! #DiscoverHongKong #traveltok ♬ original sound – DiscoverHongKong

City Lovers

For a city that’s famous for its towering skyscrapers, it’s no wonder that Hong Kong is at the top of wishlists for those who love a good city. Take in the views of the 8,000-plus skyscrapers, offering stunning vistas both day and night. 

There is more than enough to do in the heart of the city, with an infinite number of places to eat, drink, shop, and pass the time.

Those who are here for the city’s famous food scene will be happy to know that Hong Kong has the highest number of places to eat per capita, not to mention some of the lowest-priced Michelin-starred establishments on earth. Hong Kong at Night #hongkong #hk #night #light #photography #video #fyp #foryou #city #skyline #beautiful #stunning #wow ♬ original sound – Stay a while…

Nature And Beach Goers 

While the big city lights are a huge draw for coming to Hong Kong, many people are surprised to find out that some awesome beaches, hiking, and natural places to explore are a big draw here as well. 

Actually, although the skyline is famous, nearly forty percent of Hong Kong is covered in nature reserves and parks. While there are 263 islands that make up Hong Kong, Lantau, and Lamma are favorites for mountain hiking, beaches, wild spaces, and exploring with an off-the-grid feeling. 

@jasonleungjj Best beach in Hong Kong 🇭🇰 Take Bus 9 from Shau Kei Wan Bus Terminus to Shek O beach. #travel #traveltiktok #hongkong #discoverhongkong #hellohongkong #香港 #travellife #sgtiktok #beach #beachday ♬ ROADTRIP – Ković Red

New Openings 

Hong Kong is one destination that took the pause of the pandemic to undergo a bit of a spruce up in terms of museums and other new establishments.

The West Kowloon Cultural District features some new and visit-worthy exhibits, and the ever-popular tram ride up to the peak (an absolute must-visit) is refurbished and can accommodate many more people comfortably. 

@discoverhongkong Add this new arts destination to your bucket list – The Hong Kong Palace Museum #HelloHongKong #DiscoverHongKong ♬ original sound – DiscoverHongKong

Increased Connections 

As of March of this year, both Cathay Pacific and United Airlines have continued to increase their resumed services with direct flights from the U.S. Major cities from Dallas to Boston fly direct to Hong Kong as well, and if you watch the calendar you might snag a great deal. 

Hong Kong is also a major transit hub for Asia as well, making connecting to other popular destinations such as Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and anywhere else easy and often cheap as well. 

hong kong airport inside

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