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7 Reasons Why This Sunny European Destination Just Broke Its All-Time Tourism Record

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There’s no better cure for the winter blues than a warm beachy getaway, and there’s no better way to break up the monotony of day-to-day life than a European city break.

This destination I’m about to introduce checks all the boxes.

woman in Murcia, Spain

Murcia, a sun-soaked gem nestled in southeastern Spain, just announced a new record-breaking year for tourism, and those who’ve had the chance to experience the allure of the coastal city firsthand know that this is just the beginning of its ascent as a world-class hotspot.

So, why are millions of travelers just discovering the wonder of Murcia?

Paradisic Weather

While, as you’ll see throughout this piece, there’s a lot to love about the Spanish city, it can’t be denied that most of its allure lies in its dreamy weather.

Sun seekers will be delighted to hear that Murcia sees a whopping 300+ days of sunshine a year, so even those visiting during the shoulder season are guaranteed to enjoy a sunbathing session or two.

cala blanca beach, Murcia

The region is famous for its typical Mediterranean climate, which, for those who didn’t know, translates to long, hot summers and pleasantly mild winters. 

Right now, temperatures range between 15°C and 20°C (59°F and 68°F), and while that’s not quite high enough for a proper beach vacation, a mid-day swim session isn’t completely out of the question, either.

A Treasure Trove Of Natural Wonders And Historical Attractions

I can’t talk about Murcia without at least mentioning its many, many gorgeous beaches.

La Manga del Mar Menor, Calblanque Regional Park, Cala Cortina, and Playa de los Narejos all welcome travelers with their soft, golden sands and distinctive atmospheres, so whether you’re looking for a buzzing beach scene or an untouched haven where it’s just you and the sea, you’re guaranteed the experience of a lifetime.

cala cortina beach, Murcia

Since the weather is not quite beach-day-ready yet, though, you can spend most of your days exploring cultural gems like the Cathedral of Murcia or taking in all of the nearby natural wonders, from the Sierra Espuña Regional Park to the peaks of the Carrascoy Mountains.

Crowd-Free Attractions

While there’s no shortage of visit-worthy cities in Spain, few allow you to take in the local culture as peacefully and distraction-free as Murcia.

aerial view of Murcia, Spain

Right now, more famous hubs like Madrid and Barcelona are experiencing a huge influx of travelers, which translates to jam-packed streets and long wait lines at restaurants and attractions.

That’s not the case with Murcia, which still manages to maintain a sense of tranquility and authenticity despite just breaking its all-time tourism record.

Reasonable Prices

Not only is Murcia quieter than its flashier siblings, but it’s more affordable too.

According to Numbeo, a three-course meal at a mid-range restaurant for two people in the city will set you back around 40€, which is pretty reasonable considering what you’ll be getting in return.

Spanish tapas laid out on a table

In comparison, the same exact meal would cost 57.5 € in Barcelona and 60€ in Madrid – though this is just an example, remember that all consumer prices follow the same trend.

World-Class Food

That 40€ you’ll be spending in the average restaurant in Murcia will seem like a steal once you get to actually taste the food here.

The region's gastronomy is a fusion of traditional Spanish flavors with a Murcian twist, best tasted through locally-made tapas, zarangollo, and michirones. 


Welcoming Locals

The genuine, welcoming nature of the locals here perfectly complements the gorgeous beaches, rich cultural heritage, and soul-warming food.

In Murcia, you’ll never really feel like an outsider.

A Sandy La Anguila Beach In Murcia, A Southern Region In Spain, Iberian Peninsula Of Europe

People will welcome you with open arms, always eager to share the beauty and centuries-old traditions of their region, so make sure to engage with locals at every chance you get (which, as you’ll see below, are abundant).

Year-Round Events

Murcianos are nothing if not fun-loving, and their lively spirit becomes obvious when you see the local events calendar that’s filled to the brim with not-to-be-missed gatherings and festivals.

These upcoming months will provide endless opportunities for visitors to connect with the local culture.

spring festival in murcia, spain

Aside from the many football matches that take place this time of year, tourists can also enjoy the Semana Santa (Holy Week) festivities, the Murcia Gastronomic Festival, as well as the Feria de Murcia, an iconic fair complete with music, dances, and traditional costumes.

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