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70,000 Tourists Have Traveled to Cancun Since Reopening

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Almost 70,000 tourists have visited Cancún since the resort city reopened for tourism almost a month ago according to Municipal tourism official Francisco López.

Approximately 13,000 visitors are currently staying at 120 hotels that reopened at 30% capacity.

Cancun officially reopened for tourism on June 8th despite the Covid-19 pandemic. 

cancun hotel on white sand beach

Tourist numbers are expected to grow as flights to Cancún increase and more hotels open.

López said that there is confidence that occupancy levels can reach 50% in the last half of the year.

cancun strip of resorts on beach

The Hotel Association of Cancún, Puerto Morelos and Isla Mujeres (AHCPM) said in a statement that all the hotels that have reopened are following strict health and hygiene protocols to protect both guests and their employees from the risk of coronavirus infection.

Aerial view of dreams resort cancun

The AHCPM released the following figures:

  • Average occupancy rate over the past month has been 20% in the 6500 hotel rooms that have reopened. 
  • In the hotels that have reopened 14,000 rooms remain blocked due to the 30% capacity rule
  • 74 hotels with more than 17,600 rooms have not yet reopened
Ocean Front Hotel In Cancun

Although flights to Cancún from both domestic and international destinations are still below pre-pandemic levels, air traffic at the city’s airport is increasing. 

About 150 flights landed and took off on both Saturday and Sunday, airport authorities said. Among the international destinations with connections to Cancún are the U.S. cities of Fort Lauderdale, Los Angeles, Denver, Salt Lake City, Chicago, Baltimore, Charlotte, New York, Miami, Atlanta, Houston and Dallas, and Montreal, Canada.

cancun beach from above

Mexico does not have any travel restrictions when entering the country. Visitors do not need to self-quarantine or go through any testing making it one of the most popular post pandemic destinations. 

cancun airport

Tourists who have traveled to Cancun have been able to access the city’s famous beaches but local residents are currently being denied entry. 

According to the Mexican constitution. the coastline is a public place. 

AHCPM president Roberto Cintrón Gómez defended the move to open beaches only to tourists on the grounds that it is only a temporary measure reported Mexico News Daily.

“We’ve fought so that visitors can have access to the beaches, with certain restrictions. … The few tourists [in Cancún] are taking a risk by going on vacation but they come for the beach and we must keep that in mind,” he said.

cancun beach view

President López Obrador, said he would be investigating with Tourism Minister Miguel Torruco to seek clarification about why the general public has been denied entry.

Quintana Roo, the state where Cancún is located, has recorded 4,245 confirmed covid-19 cases according to the Mexican government.

More than half of the state’s cases have been detected in Benito Juárez (Cancún).


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Monday 8th of February 2021


I am Romanian, retired lady and me and my British partner we love to travel. Recently we have full booked flights and all inclusive hotel for 10 days with British Airways for Cancun. As maybe you know, there was a big scandal and diplomatic involves, both Romanan and Mexican foreign ministers, about two or more flights with more than 150 turists that were blocked, some separeted wifie with children from husbands, some abusive deported back after 3 days locked without passports, mobile telephones, any documents, without water or food, although they came through travel agencyes and being decent people, not delinquents. My and our concern it is although, we have passports ( inclusive USA visa) documents, insurances, reservations, not to be stopped and deported, after we spend thousands GBP, time and 15 hours flights and to distroy our holiday. Is it there somebody to offer us some real information about actual situation, please ? Thanks a lot for your time. Your answer will be much appreciated.