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North Macedonia Has Reopened For Tourism – All Countries Allowed

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The Republic of North Macedonia has officially reopened for international tourism July 1, 2020 and is now allowing tourists from all countries to visit, restriction free.

All throughout 2020 and 2021, North Macedonia has stayed wide open for tourism with very little rules. 

macedonia reopen

Which countries can visit North Macedonia?

All of them!

In a direct quote given to Travel Off Path’s from official government representatives:

“All nations can come to North Macedonia with no restrictions.”

As of June 2021, there is a temporary ban on passengers and flights from India due to variants. 

north macedonia reopen

Entry Requirements for North Macedonia

Testing and Quarantine procedures in North Macedonia

Currently there are no restrictions on tourists entering North Macedonia. This means there are no tests done on arrival, no need to bring a negative test, and no quarantines. 

ohrid reopen

The government states:

“Please be informed that in compliance with the decision of the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia upon recommendation of the Infectious Diseases Commission, the borders opening in Republic of North Macedonia shall mean uninterrupted movement of passengers without enclosing PCR tests and without referral to home isolation or mandatory state quarantine.”

Other Entry Requirements

Temperature scans will be done upon arrival into North Macedonia. Any travellers with symptoms like a fever or difficulty breathing will be refused entry at customs.

The wearing of a mask at the airport is mandatory

skopje reopen for tourism

Are there flights to North Macedonia?

Yes, Skopje airport reopened on July 1st and is the main airport for North Macedonia. There is also an airport at Ohrid, but it does not handle anywhere near the amount of flights.

Flights all over the EU have already resumed. You will find the most selection with WizzAir who flies directly from Skopje to cities like: Rome, Milan, Venice, Berlin, Gothenburg, Oslo, London, Barcelona, Cologne, Malta and more.

Unlike its neighbour Serbia, North Macedonia does not fly directly to the USA. Outside of the EU, Skopje only flies directly to Doha and Dubai.

ohrid macedonia reopen

What’s Open in North Macedonia

North Macedonia has been gradually reopening, with most everything being reopened by June 26th. Here are some things tourists will find open for their trip:

  • Restaurants, cafes and bars
  • Gyms and fitness centres
  • Hotels and inns
  • Shops and boutiques
  • Public transportation
  • Parks
macedonia open for tourism

Read More: See a list of every country now reopen for tourism, which countries currently accepting American and British tourists, plus which EU nations are now allowing Canadians. 

*Disclaimer: North Macedonia’s reopening news is ever-changing and being updated constantly. We do our best to keep this article up to date with all the latest information, but the decision to travel is ultimately your responsibility. Contact your consulate and/or local authorities to confirm your nationality’s entry and/or any changes to travel requirements before traveling. 

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Originally published July 6, 2020

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Sunday 20th of December 2020

We (US and UK citizens) just arrived in North Macedonia on Monday night and wanted to update about the site on the ground. My UK partner and several people from his flight had some issues convincing the airline agents that they are indeed allowed to travel to Macedonia (seems to be an error in the system, possibly Brexit-related, there are definitely Brexit flags up in the system warning of the change, whatever it will be, on January 1st). The government has also issued new rules of some sort, which we have not been able to actually find published anywhere even in Macedonian, that require bars and restaurants to close at 6 pm. These came into effect yesterday and appear to be being enforced. They don't make a massive impact on daily life really, but they did cause the Marriott to (likely, at least that's what they told me) cancel Christmas brunch, so we will probably be moving on to Tirana. Just thought this info might be useful to someone, I would imagine these changes are here to stay for awhile and we just wish we could find them written down somewhere.

Kashlee Kucheran

Sunday 20th of December 2020

Thank you for your on the ground update and insight, very helpful!


Saturday 31st of October 2020

I wanted to give an update, to help others out. I’m an American who’s been in Serbia for 3 months. I took the bus from Belgrade, to Skopje, and it was the easiest border patrol I’ve ever experienced. It’s was quick and absolutely no mentioning of a PCR test. I didn’t even see the Serbians show proof of a negative test. Maybe the airport is more strict, but land borders do not seem to be.

Kashlee Kucheran

Saturday 31st of October 2020

Thank you so much Ashley! :)

Nancy Holland

Friday 30th of October 2020

Do I need a pre covid test to fly to Skopje on Monday Nov 2nd

Kashlee Kucheran

Friday 30th of October 2020

With the current information I have, no


Friday 16th of October 2020

Hi, I'm currently in Kotor, Montenegro for a month. I plan to go to North Macedonia next by land. I am Canadian. Is it just citizens that need the PCR test? Or is it also people from other countries travelling FROM Montenegro that will need PCR tests? Thanks for your hard work!

Kashlee Kucheran

Friday 16th of October 2020

Hi Josh - All travelers coming from Montenegro need the PCR test to enter North Macedonia at this time.


Wednesday 14th of October 2020

North Macedonia actually removed the PCR test for Kosovo on the 12th of October. Here's a news article in albanian (link)

Kashlee Kucheran

Wednesday 14th of October 2020

Thanks we will look into it! :)