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Updated March 14th

As coronavirus travel advisories continue to change by the hour, Canadians want to know what their options are for changing and modifying travel.

Thankfully, most Canadian airlines have responded to the covid-19 crisis by allowing customers to make changes to their travel plans without paying change-fees. The new allowances vary by airline, but most of them include previously booked flights to vulnerable zones like China and Italy. They also include waived change fees for travel booked up until March 31st, to help give Canadians the confidence to continue booking travel.

Here is the latest information on each Canadian airline’s change-fee policy (updated daily)

Air Canada

No Change Fee / Change Fee Waived:

  • When you buy a ticket between March 4 to March 31 2020
  • For travel within a 12 month period for the original ticket date
  • When you make the change up to 24 hours to departure
  • Only a one-time change can be made without a fee
  • See all of Air Canada's latest updates
  • Changes can be made online or calling 1-888-247-2262

SPECIAL exceptions in effect for travel to: Italy and China

There are many special circumstances for tickets issued for Travel to China and Italy. Check this list for all the details for China and Italy change fee exceptions.

No Cancellation / Cancellation Fee Waived:

SPECIAL exceptions in effect for travel to: China

Customers travelling to, from or via Beijing, Shanghai or Wuhan also have the option of cancelling their flight for a full refund, with no cancellation fee.


Same as Air Canada (see above)

Air Canada Vacations

Same as Air Canada (see above)


No Change Fee / Change Fee Waived:

  • New bookings between March 5 to March 31 2020. For travel until June 24th 2020
  • Existing bookings made prior to March 5th with travel happening in March and April.
  • When you make the change up to 24 hours to departure
  • Only a one-time change can be made without a fee
  • Westjet is asking changes be made online, as the call centres are very backed up. If you cannot make the change online, call 1-888-937-8538
  • See all of WestJet's latest updates

Air Transat

No Change Fee / Change Fee Waived:

  • On new bookings made March 4 to March 31
  • You can change dates, or destination up to 24 hours before departure
  • You can reschedule your travel for any time within 12 months of your original travel dates
  • Call centres are backed up, so Air Transat is asking all changes be made through this form
  • See the most recent info for Air Transat‘s peace of mind policy

No Change Fee policy  for travel to Italy:

All customers who have booked a flight to Venice, Rome, or Lamezia on or before March 2, 2020 for travel between now and June 30, 2020 are entitled to change their reservation date or destination without penalty for travel between now and October 31, 2020

Swoop Airlines

On March 13th, Swoop launched their response to Coronavirus with ‘ModiFly', which gives travellers some flexibility in booking. 

No Change Fee / Change Fee Waived:

  • For date and time changes only (no destination changes)
  • Can now be added to any booking March 13th onwards until further notice
  • Can also be added to existing bookings
  • The one-time date/time change must be made 7 days before departure
  • Must be done online through the ‘Manage My Booking' area of the site
  • See all the latest coronavirus updates with Swoop

Flair Airlines

Flair Airlines has a very small allowance for flight changes:

  • Tickets purchased prior to February 29th, 2020 – one-time rebooking fees will be waived, for travel until June 14th 2020
  • No flexible booking has been initiated for any tickets booked after Feb 29th 2020

Please note: Even if the airline allows you to change your flight without a change-fee, if the new flight has a higher fare, you still are expected to pay the difference.

Canadian airlines are asking that itinerary changes be made online, as call centres have been experiencing higher than normal call volumes. 

With so much news about the coronavirus happening in the media, many Canadians are re-thinking their travel plans altogether. If you still want to travel, utilize the flexible change-fees available to you, research the proper travel insurance policies, and follow the more current travel advisories. 

Does your travel insurance cover coronavirus? Here is the latest info.

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