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Americans Can Fly NonStop To This Underrated Latin American Beach Destination This Winter

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For many Americans, it's looking like the start of fall now, and most of us are happy to embrace the stunning foliage, cozy weather, and spooky season.

The only problem is that no matter how great all might be, we all know what comes next.

Soon the leaves will drop and a chill will start to overtake much of the country, and with it the arrival of a long winter.

It’s not all doom and gloom though, the good news is that with more Latin American travel destinations expanding in popularity, more flights from the U.S. to sunny and warm destinations are offered. 

A young girl at a wooden construction of the Caribbean Sea on Roatan Island. Honduras copy

More and more direct flights to unique locations to see cloud forests, beaches, and Mayan ruins mean more opportunities for Americans to escape the cold and head off on a tropical adventure. 

One such place that Americans can fly from many major airports is the Honduran island of Roatán, a diving hotspot filled with sun, sand, and great vibes. 

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Where Is Roatán?

When it comes to Latin America, many Americans head to Costa Rica, and for good reason: it’s a great destination worthy of all its hype. 

However, the other unique and culture-packed countries making up this part of the world are very much deserving of a visit as well, including Panama, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Belize, Guatemala, and Honduras

Yet, Honduras’s most popular tourist destination lies far from the country's north coast, about 40 miles off the coast in the Caribbean Sea. 

Welcome to the island of Roatán.  

Ease Of Getting There

With direct flights from many major U.S. airports, Roatán is well-connected for a winter getaway. Multiple airlines fly this route with connections as well, and deals can be found if you book early enough. 

As part of the Bay Islands, Roatán is the only one with an international airport. It operates in the central time zone, and a flight from New York will only take about four hours, meaning you don't have to waste too much time traveling. 

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A Natural Paradise

Roatán is only about 5 miles wide and around 40 miles long, and in total the area is around 32 square miles of beaches, towns, fishing villages, and green hilly unspoiled nature. 

Let’s be honest, most people come here for the beaches, racing from world-class manicured shores to natural and rugged. Although the beaches are endless, the more popular ones for tourists are West Bay Beach, Hall Moon Bay Beach, Marbella Beach, Camp Bay Beach, and Mahogany Bay Beach. Make sure to read up on each area as they all offer a different vibe and might not be what you are looking for. 

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Under The Sea 

If you have heard of Roatán before, it’s likely because of its world-renowned driving opportunities. The island is surrounded by some of the most bio-diverse coral reefs in the world, and the vast diverse sea life that lives here keeps even the most seasoned divers coming back for more. 

Roatán is actually home to the second-largest barrier reef on earth, and the endless diving companies here are eager to take you out and show you the splendor. Snorkelers are also spoiled for choice here, so don't worry if diving is not your thing; there will still be plenty to see from the surface as well. 

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Party In The Sand 

While you can relax and chill as much as you want on Roatan, it’s no secret that the island has some pretty epic nightlife as well.

Due to the large number of tourists, most of whom are here to dive, the bars and clubs along the beaches serve late into the night, and the nightlife is renowned for being a fun time. 

There are numerous famous places known for partying when the sun goes down; from dock parties to tiki bars there is enough nightlife to go around.

So plan ahead when booking your accommodation to make sure you are as close (or far) from this as you want to be. 

A wooden Bar over the sea on West End Beach on Roatan Island

Perfect Weather 

Being an island in the Caribbean far off the mainland, the weather in Roatán doesn’t follow a strict calendar. That being said, the winter months of November through February are known as being the cold season, although it’s hardly cold at all.

Christmas time is the coldest time of year, and even then the average temperature is around 75 degrees, with pleasant sea temperatures for swimming. 

The high season for tourism is between October and May, so you won’t have the place to yourself, but it’s unlikely that you will find yourself swamped with crowds. 

Beach hut in Roatan Honduras

Underrated Opportunities 

While Roatán is a more popular destination in Latin America, it’s still relatively underrated by American travelers (aside from the diving crowd).

A visit to Roatán will allow you to enjoy some Latin American culture and can be a great starting point for more travel in Honduras and beyond. 

While it’s true there are some safety concerns, as long as you are well prepared and know where to visit and where not to, you can enjoy a very underrated and under-explored country that many average travelers never see. 

Coastal Development Zone In Roatan, An Island Off The North Coast Of Honduras, Central America

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