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Americans Can Fly Roundtrip To These 5 European Cities For Less Than $398

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Who would ever turn down a weeklong trip to Europe?

Right now is an incredible time to plan a trip, as airfare across the pond is the cheapest you'll find all year.

Any time you can find round-trip flights to Europe that start with “3”, you know you've scored a great deal!

Female tourist visiting Berlin Cathedral

We've scoured the internet end to end from flat-Earther forums to Google Flights to find the cheapest flights to Europe from the U.S this year.

Now that the sunniest time of year is upon us, you can book a late summer trip or plan ahead for fall without breaking the bank.

Americans can fly roundtrip to these 5 European cities for less than $398:

Paris ($398)

Male tourist visiting Eiffel Tower in summer

Paris is set for one of the biggest years it has seen in quite some time.

However, it's fair to wonder how much bigger the second-most visited city on the planet can get.

Well, as host of arguably the biggest global event this year, Paris is expected to see a significant surge of visitors this summer.

The Summer Olympics always draw a crowd quite literally from all over the world and this citywide transformation will undoubtedly take away from the City of Light's magic.

There's good news, though.

Olympic attendees surely have already booked their trips as the games begin July 26th and conclude August 11th.

Travelers looking for an awesome summer getaway without the Olympic crowds can time it just right 4 days after the festivities end.

Nonstop from New York City, round-trip flights are $398 roundtrip August 15th – August 22nd on Norse Atlantic Airways.

Oslo ($395)

Trefoldighetskirken church in Oslo

Perhaps one of the most overlooked cities in Europe, and even Scandinavia, is Norway's capital.

Whether it's the folklore of trolls hiding under bridges or the sky-high prices, Oslo isn't discussed enough as a top destination, or Norway in general with epic destinations like Bergen.

As travelers, we all know there is a balancing act between picking the right place, which can often be expensive, and balancing our travel budget.

Oslo hits the mark smack dab in the middle as hotels can stretch your budget, while airfare is often the cheapest in all of Europe with Norway's flagship low-cost carrier, Norse Atlantic Airways.

Travelers can book nonstop round-trip flights from New York City July 15th – July 23rd.

Dublin ($394)

Popular street in dublin ireland

Ireland has so many amazing places to explore, but oftentimes your first steps will be in the historic city of Dublin.

If you're only planning to visit Dublin, this is a great deal. One thing to consider if you're planning to hop around the continent, as many travelers do, is that popular budget carrier Ryanair is predicting a spike in flights in and out of Dublin this year.

That being said, whether Dublin is your main stay or your gateway, this might be your best overall value.

Travels can book an awesome fall trip just in time to hit up a Christmas market with nonstop flights from New York City November 10th – November 18th.

Berlin ($382)

UNESCO World Heritage Site Museumsinsel in Berlin

Berlin is one of the most unique cities in Europe. Its tragic past can bring you to tears, while modern-day Berlin loves to party all night.

No matter your vibe, Berlin is never a bad idea. It makes no sense how tourism hasn't reached its pre-pandemic levels as the city is truly phenomenal from a thriving arts scene, underrated food, and of course, every type of beer made under the sun.

Travelers can score a great deal from New York City after the Oktoberfest shenanigans are over. Nonstop roundtrip flights are $382 October 21 – October 29th.

Barcelona – $327

Happy tourists taking selfie in Barcelona

Spain is having a moment, aren't they? It's no different for Barcelona, the country's most recognizable city.

Right now, there are no cheaper flights to Europe than Barcelona and it could be a lot worse, right?

From iconic historical sites, world-renowned food and wine, and scenic beaches, this is one of the best destinations for a quintessential Euro-trip.

There is a reason so many digital nomads make this amazing city their base after all.

Travelers can book nonstop flights from New York City to Barcelona on Iberia October 3rd – October 10th.

Bonus Flights!

Stunning scenery in Iceland

Nonstop to Reykjavik ($280) via PLAY:

  • Washington D.C. (October 25th – October 31st)
    Baltimore (October 25th – October 31st))
    Boston (Sep 7th – September 16th)

Nonstop to Barcelona ($317) via Iberia:

  • Boston (September 21st – September 27th)

Nonstop to Madrid ($400) via Iberia

  • Miami (October 28th – November 6th)

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