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Bali Reopening To Tourists: Everything You Need To Know

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Breaking News Update:

Bali will not open for international tourism until the end of 2020, Governor Wayan Koster has announced in a press conference. Read Here

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Bali will reopen its borders to international tourism on September 11th announced the Governor of Bali, Wayan Koster. 

The Bali Governor stated that domestic tourism will resume on July 9th, 2020 and will continue into August. If at that time local transmission is low, Bali will reopen its borders to foreign tourists. 

“Once again I emphasize, this is just a plan, not a schedule that will definitely be implemented,” explained the Governor

“Whether or not this is carried out will greatly depend on the situation and the dynamics of the development of Covid-19 in the field, especially local transmission in Bali.” Koster added.

*Important Note: The reopening of tourism activities is dependent on approval of the Indonesian government. Be sure to check with local and state authorities before traveling. 

bali pagoda tourist attraction

“We must be able to build tourist trust, tourism is a business of trust, we must be able to build and create a sense of security and comfort for travelers while enjoying Bali.”

“First we will open tourism to locals and then we will review it together.” said the Bali Governor. 




Bali will officially reopen for domestic tourism including popular attractions like Ubud Money Forest on July 9th, 2020













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Source: The Bali Sun

kingsely ekebor

Monday 12th of October 2020

Am from Nigeria and am coming to Bali to visit s friend please when will the airport reopen please I just want to know

Kashlee Kucheran

Monday 12th of October 2020

Not for a while, sorry.

Joe Kyles

Thursday 10th of September 2020

Do you know if September is also for the UK as I've heard it is until January?

Juan Swal

Tuesday 1st of September 2020

I suggest to the Bali government to open the airport to international tourism if continue to lockdown because of coronavirus never will be open coronavirus will never die for few years but people of Bali will die due to lack of economics support Indonesian can't go to other countries even the neighboring Singapore and Malaysia but Singapore and Malaysia must allow to come to Bali Indonesia they're numbers are very low I hope the governor of Bali will reconsider to open the economy of Bali will help the small scale hotels and restaurants and food stalls to recover the lost not everyone will come to Indonesia only the people who love Bali will come.


Wednesday 2nd of September 2020

Please reopen Bali, all my friends and family loosing their business and Bali suffer more by closing than the pandemic hurt Bali. Healthy people and young are not affected very bad. Use strict guidelines but don't destroy Bali and Indonesia .


Sunday 9th of August 2020

i know that entering indonesia you need a health certificate and a covid19 swab test showing negative reactions. if we have all of that do we still need to quarantine for 14 days when we reach our hotel destination? i dunno if bali island is following the country's rules or does it have a different rules to itself because of the tourism?

Trevor Kucheran

Monday 10th of August 2020

All of Indonesia including Bali is still closed to foreign tourists at this time. The President of Indonesia will give the final go ahead for September 11th and we will update this article soon as we have more information

John Wade

Friday 7th of August 2020

Will we need a neg covid test from our own countries to enter Bali

Kashlee Kucheran

Friday 7th of August 2020

Hi John - The entry requirements for Bali have not yet been established