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Bali Reopening Borders For Tourism

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Here are all the latest updates on Bali reopening its borders for tourism.

Bali is now allowing select travelers to enter the country under strict protocols.

Although regular tourism in Bali will not open until at least the end of 2020, there are still ways to visit the island of the gods.

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Currently Bali is already allowing select travelers to visit if they are coming on a 60 day business visa. 

Bali had originally planned on reopening its borders for international tourism starting on September 11th but had not received the go ahead from Indonesian government. 

Koster explained that after speaking with Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bali will delay its reopening until 2021 in line with the Government of Indonesia.

Bali Officially not Reopening For International Tourism on September 11th

An official press release signed by the Governor of Bali also confirmed the news. “The situation in Indonesia is not yet conducive to allow foreign tourists to visit Indonesia, including Bali.”

“The regulation signed by the Minister of Law and Human Rights that prohibits foreigners from entering Indonesia is still in effect. The Indonesian government will not allow for the entry of foreign tourists to Indonesia until the end of 2020, because Indonesia is still in the red zone category.”

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Citing an increase in COVID-19 cases and a high death rate in Indonesia, the Indonesian government will not allow foreign tourists explained Koster.

“The cases are still increasing.”

“It is not possible to open Bali for foreign tourists which we originally planned for September 11,” he said.

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Governor Koster focused on the importance of Bali's reopening stating that the island is one of the world's most popular tourist destinations. 

“This must not be rushed, and requires very careful preparation. This is due to Bali's position as one of the world's main tourist destinations.”

“Bali must not fail because it will have a negative impact on the image of Indonesia, including Bali in the eyes of the world, which could have counter-productive consequences for tourism recovery efforts.”


The press release also stated that the Bali government will only focus on domestic tourism this year.

“Until the end of 2020, the Provincial Government of Bali will optimize efforts to bring domestic tourists to Bali in order to restore tourism and the economy of Bali,” Koster stated. 


Governor Koster concluded the press conference asking for help from the people of Bali to adhere to all health protocols. 

“I invite all parties to help control this together, so that everyone can handle this. It cannot be just the government, but commitment and shared responsibility from stakeholders, business actors and the community,” he concluded.

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Monday 23rd of November 2020

Still wondering what the good news was. Was it the rumor of Bali opening 12/1? The Deputy Governor just came out and confirmed tourism won't start in Bali until 2021 with the rest of Indonesia. :( Unless you have other good news?

Kashlee Kucheran

Monday 23rd of November 2020

The Dec 1 rumor was in fact, just a whisper of a plan that got taken our of context :( Looks like 2021 is correct for now


Monday 9th of November 2020

There are reports that you can get into Indonesia through other backpacking sites and reddit. Reports are you can get into Bali via Jakarta only.

(link) and (link)

Any insight on this?

Kashlee Kucheran

Monday 9th of November 2020

Yes we have heard of the KITAS business visa route. It's expensive and it's an unauthorized work-around, so we can't really suggest it to our readers. However.... there COULD be some good news coming out of Bali very soon, we just can't publish it until we have a few more facts together ;)

Emma Hicken

Monday 14th of September 2020

Hi, is there any way you can provide me with an official link confirming this. I cancelled my booking on Airbnb because of this news and they will not give me a refund without an official confirmation of this...can’t find it anywhere online? Can you provide your source? Thank you...

Kashlee Kucheran

Monday 14th of September 2020

This news was from a Press Conference in which the governor of Bali gave statements. The person who owns the airBnb knows very well that tourists are not allowed into Bali right now, but if they want you to 'prove' it, then I suggest you ask the Indonesian consulate if you can go, and then will respond that you cannot.

However, with reopening news, anything could happen at any time. Countries can suddenly open, re-close, etc. without notice.


Thursday 3rd of September 2020

Nope you can't, there is no way you can apply a new visa in this time, if you have it so its against the regulation in the time of pandemic, and will be questioning upon your arrival then you will be deported back, why i know it because im in immigration


Friday 4th of September 2020

Wow ,u work at immigration, this is the first clear answer i see from an employee at immigration,(assuming u are a real one) but at the phone numbers or WhatsApp info numbers they not replying or give any information that people ask, only basic answers like email there or call this, its just like a jojo, wr hope for the best, health and safety is indeed important to all,nomatter where u from.


Monday 24th of August 2020

that sounds good the 317 visa. telex comes from where? Bali or Jakarta?


Monday 24th of August 2020

In my case its Jakarta,check ur ambassy for exact procedure. Good luck