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Travel Insurance That Covers Covid-19 For 2023

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Countries around the world reopened their borders for tourism throughout the second half of 2020 and 2021, but as we enter 2023, travel has made a huge comeback, making coverage more important than ever.

While more people are vaccinated than ever, of course, travelers can still test positive for Covid-19 before or during a trip. Having a travel health insurance package that covers emergency medical costs, trip interruptions and cancellation costs related to Covid-19 is key when planning travel in 2023.

Below we have the most current information about the best travel insurance policies for travelers who want to ensure they are fully covered for their trip.

travel insurance that covers coronavirus

Travel Insurance with Covid Coverage

Please Note: This article is meant as a general information guide only. Travel Insurance is constantly changing in the current environment and it is up to each traveler to ensure they are properly covered for their individual situations. We do our best to keep this article updated but insurance policies can change without notice. The decision to travel is your choice and you are responsible for your personal safety and insurance abroad. We do not endorse or recommend traveling against government travel advisories. 


At a glance: Very low-cost insurance great for budget travelers, especially those traveling to countries with cheaper health care, as the coverages are also lower. Easy to extend on the go.
Good for Americans, Canadians, and worldwide travelers

SafetyWing started automatically covering Covid-19 as a part of its policies in 2020. Come 2023, they have been a worldwide leader for budget travelers looking for affordable coverage. Travelers under 39 get even lower pricing, but they cover up to 69.

If you are in need of a really cheap travel insurance plan that covers basically everything, I highly recommend (and personally use) SafetyWing.

Covid coverage works the same as any other illness as long as it was not contracted before your coverage start date, and does not fall under any other policy exclusion or limitation. Testing for COVID-19 will only be covered if deemed medically necessary by a physician. 

travel insurance covid

Average Cost of SafetyWing

For 4 weeks of coverage:

  • 10-39 years old $40.04
  • 40-49 years old $64.68
  • 50-59 years old $101.64
  • 60-64 years old $137.76

Rates are for any country of travel except for: Cuba, Iran, Syria, and North Korea.

  • Coverage up to $250,000
  • Deductible $250
  • Trip Interruption – up to $5000
  • Lost Checked Luggage – up to $3000
  • Political Evacuation – up to $10,000
  • And lots more including intensive care, ambulance, hospital stays, travel delays, medical evacuation, emergency dental, etc. You can see everything that SafetyWing covers, including what sports activities, etc on their FAQ page
Covid-19 Travel Insurance – Everything You Need To Know
Editors Note

One of the reasons we've personally used Safety Wing, and why it's the top recommendation we have for covid-era travel insurance, is Safety Wing still covers the basics and costs around 60%-70% less than other providers.

For Example: For 4 weeks of coverage for a 35-year-old American- SafetyWing is only $40 and offers up to $250,000 of medical coverage.

For anyone traveling on a budget Safety Wing is our top choice, however, for those traveling to countries with expensive health care, or those who want higher coverage amounts, please see our next top recommendation.


At a glance: HeyMondo offers very impressive coverage amounts, has very customizable plans to fit each traveler up to 69, and doesn't have a deductible. Great for moderate to luxury travelers, and those who love extra peace of mind.
Good for Americans, Canadians, and worldwide travelers

HeyMondo is a very flexible and customizable option for those who need travel insurance with Covid-19 coverage, especially if you are looking for a beefier policy than what SafetyWing can offer.

They have 3 different tiers of plans; ‘Single Trip', ‘Annual Multi-Trip', and ‘Long Stay' that cover medical assistance and expenses (which includes infection by Covid-19). They also offer a ‘Cancellation Only' policy.

Types of HeyMondo Coverage: 

You can get up to $10,000,000 medical coverage, $7,000 trip interruption/cancellation coverage, $2,500 for baggage and lots more. HeyMondo also has different tiers of trips you can choose from.

Single Trip: Travel insurance for your upcoming trip (medical expenses, repatriation, luggage, transports delays, etc.). Cancellation and extreme sports are optional.

Multiple Trips In One Year: With Heymondo's annual travel insurance you have all the trips you take in a 12-month period covered up to a duration of 120 days each. Estimated rate: $173 USD.

Cancellation Only Coverage: Reimbursement of the pre-paid non-refundable transport and accommodation expenses of the trip in case you cannot travel.

Once you have selected your type of coverage you will be able to customize your travel insurance. HeyMondo lets you easily customize coverage to help you save money or give you extra coverage where you need it. (example: covering shiny new electronics like laptops).

heyondo coverage amounts

As of June 4, 2021, HeyMondo Premium also covers some bonus things that are very relevant in a covid-era travel world, like: medical care (including covid care) on-board a cruise ship, and hotel quarantine accommodation insurance (Extra lodging expenses due to medical quarantine are covered when testing positive and prescribed by a doctor, which countries like Costa Rica require you to have for entry). Even expensive PCR tests when they are medically prescribed.

Another thing we like about HeyMondo's coverage is the handy app it comes with that allows you to chat with a doctor 24/7 when you have coverage. Small perks like that give travelers piece of mind.

HeyMondo even covers the cancellation of your trip if you test positive before your vacation.

Editor's Note:
We used HeyMondo this summer for a 2-month trip throughout Europe in 2021 when we felt SafteyWing just didn't have enough coverage amounts. We needed higher coverages for trip cancellations, medical care, etc that only HeyMondo could give us.

If you want to read up more on coverage options and prices, go to the HeyMondo Quote Page to learn more

covid insurance for Americans for travel


Good for senior Americans, Canadians, and all other nationalities who need coverage over 69

InsureMyTrip is great for travelers from all countries, especially seniors over 69 who can't find coverage with other companies.
InsureMyTrip has all the normal travel insurance coverages you would expect, plus:

  • Cancellation due to diagnosed illness before traveling
  • Emergency medical care if you become ill from covid-19 while traveling
  • Accommodation coverage if quarantined at your destination
  • An optional ‘Cancel For Any Reason' add on, which is very handy in times of Omicron

World Nomads

Good for Americans only with sports add-ons

World Nomads insurance has a ton of coverage and has become popular with sports fans and adventure seekers. Currently, World Nomads is only offering U.S. residents travel insurance that covers Covid-19 related illnesses.


Staysure is a great travel insurance for our UK readers who need some type of covid coverage.

While it’s not the most robust policy on the market in terms of covid related coverages, it does cover the basics.

COVID coverage/benefits for UK residents who purchase Staysure insurance:

Your policy will give you coronavirus (COVID-19) coverage for emergency medical expenses and repatriation if you catch the virus during your insured trip. This means if you develop COVID-19 while on holiday and need help, you’ll be covered as long as you have declared your pre-existing conditions.

For all other events that might be caused by coronavirus, including cancellations, you wouldn’t be covered to make a claim, but they might be able to help you change your plans.

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Originally Published July 10, 2020 with updates


Thursday 1st of December 2022

Heymondo has changed there policy if you are over 49. Any person over 49 can only buy a policy length of 30 days or less.

Francis Williams

Tuesday 12th of July 2022

That AIG travel insurance is totally useless. I'll never buy travel insurance from them again. Twice my trips were cancelled through no fault of mine and they found all kinds of excuses to deny my claims. They encourage you to purchase their travel insurance but when time to honor claims they refuse.


Friday 13th of May 2022

Tried Safety Wing - doesn't work. Not valid in my US State! Says I have to leave even if for 5 minutes to buy. How weird.


Thursday 14th of April 2022

is there a list of countries that require covid insurance? maybe that would be too hard to maintain.

Vanda Kaye

Thursday 17th of February 2022

I Live in Australia traveling to Greece in June can I take out full cover insurance with Covid cover is there a contact no so I can discuss the policy