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Best Pool Access Hotel Rooms in Bali for Under $100

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Pool access rooms are the very definition of luxury. We set out to find the best pool access hotel rooms in Bali for under $100, stay in as many of them as we could, and share our findings with you!

We fell in love with pool access suites when we spent 2 full months in Bali this year. 
I mean, how could you NOT fall in love with them?
There is something about rolling out of bed and directly into a cool refreshing pool that makes a vacation that much better. 
Plus we noticed something: in other vacation hotspots around the world (think Mexico and the Caribbean) pool access suites come with a hefty price tag. I'm talking in the realm of $400+ per night, making them an out of budget luxury for many. HOWEVER, pool access rooms are still crazy affordable in Bali, and many hotels on this list come in at under $50 a night, let alone $100. We did some investigating to find out what affordable pool access rooms in Bali were actually worth staying at so you can get the most out of your next vacation!

And by the way: This isn't one of those biased blogs written by a hotel chain or travel agency that only lists their own properties. We were not paid by any of the hotels for their rooms to be a part of this list. We personally stayed or toured through half of them and thoroughly researched the others. I used HotelsCombined with example dates between September and December 2018 for the prices (in USD), guest ratings and availability. Obviously these can change depending on occupancy, promos and other factors.


Ramada Encore Seminyak

Ramada Seminyak pool access room

Pool Access Rooms From: $47
Hotel Stars: 4
Guest Rating: 79%

Brand name score! Being part of the Ramada chain gives it a certain level of quality you can expect, which makes this hotel a great value for the price. Even breakfast is normally included in the rates.
The Pool Access Room is just under 400 sq ft, has cushioned seating on the private terrace, and leads directly into a lagoon.

Ramada Encore Pool Access
Pool side suite at Ramada Bali

– The Price. It comes in under $50 a night, which is a bargain for pool access!
– On-Site Amenities. The restaurant and spa in the hotel have great promos and prices making your overall stay a good one!

– Location. It's kind of on the outskirts of town with limited transportation and not walking friendly to shops/restaurants. Far from beach.
– ‘Typical' Hotel Room. The room is clean, but it's not really giving us tropical Bali vibes. Pretty standard and not memorable.

Check prices for a pool access room at The Ramada Seminyak 


Seminyak Lagoon All Suites

Seminyak Lagoon All Suites Pool Access

Pool Access Rooms From: $35
Hotel Stars:  3
Guest Rating:  88%

This small 19 room hotel has a great boutique vibe and is tucked away from the noisy main roads. The Pool Access Rooms are a decent size with separate sitting area, kitchenette and direct access to the lagoon. But wait… did you see that price?? Even though it's not in the heart of Seminyak, at $35/n you can't really go wrong!

Pool access room at Lagoon Seminyak Hotel

The Price. Seriously, I don't even know HOW a hotel can be under $35/n, especially with a pool access suite.
– Updated Rooms. They have a fast wifi connection and Smart TV's in the rooms, making this a great stay for digital nomads.

– Location. It's a little too far from the beach, shopping and restaurants unless you take a cab.
– Cold Pool. The main pool doesn't get a ton of sun during the day, making the lagoon pretty chilly!

Check prices/dates for the Seminyak Lagoon All Suites


Four Points Kuta

Four points Kuta Pool Access

Pool Access Rooms From: $77
Hotel Stars:  4
Guest Rating:  82%

The pool access rooms at the Four Points Kuta are modern and trendy, with private verandas that have privacy dividers, deck furniture and even a ladder to climb into the pool. Their pool access rooms are most commonly sold out first, so you know they must be good. The hotel is located right in the heart of Kuta, making it a great place to stay without needed taxis or car rentals. 

Deluxe Pool Access Room Four Points Kuta

– The SPG name. Being part of the Sheraton chain gives this hotel certain standards, as well as perks like a rooftop bar with rooftop pool.
Beachwalk Shopping Mall. The beach and the large shopping centre are only a 10 minute walk, with lots of other shops, spas and restaurants on the way.

Breakfast Not Included. Unlike the majority of other Bali hotels, this one doesn't include breakfast in the rates.

Check prices/dates for the Four Points Kuta


Kubu Cempaka Seminyak

kubu cempaka hotel bali

Pool Access Rooms From: $64
Hotel Stars:  3.5
Guest Rating:  91%

The Kubu Cempaka gets major props with guests and we understand why after staying with them on New Years Eve. It's locally owned and operated and the management cares very much about guest experience and quality. This boutique hotel is located just a short 3 minute walk from the main drag in Seminyak, putting in on a street with lower priced dining, laundry and shops. The hotel itself has a KILLER food menu with jaw-droppingly low prices and yummy dishes. 
The pool access rooms come out to a patio area that leads to the sunny main pool, which always had luke warm water. 
All rooms come with free snacks, bottled water and make to order breakfast, making this hotel a great value pick!

Kubu cempaka seminyak hotel - Kashlee Kucheran
fresh Rolls at Kubu Cempaka
Pool Access Room at the Kubu Cempaka
Room Kubu Cempaka Seminyak

– The Food. The prices are SO LOW for delicious home-cooked food. I ordered fresh rolls for $1.40 (pictured below), grilled chicken Caesar salad for $2.11 and Mie Goreng for $3.
– The Spa. The spa is open air on the 2nd level of the hotel, which makes having a  massage with the island breeze quite the experience. 

– The pool access rooms aren't true ‘pool access' when compared to other hotels. Instead of being able to put your feet in the water from sitting on your balcony, this room has you cross a few feet in-front of your suite through a garden, meaning you might not get sun tanning chairs.

Check prices/dates at the Kubu Cempaka 


The Vira Bali Boutique Kuta

Pool access room at the Vira Hotel in Kuta Bali

Pool Access Rooms From: $79
Hotel Stars:  4
Guest Rating: 87%

The Vira in Kuta gives it's guests decent sized rooms, free buffet breakfast and a great location that's close to the airport.
The newly updated pool access rooms have private patios with wood and tile accents, lots of greenery and quick access to the main pool.

Room at the Vira Bali - Deluxe pool access
Deluxe pool access Vira hotel

Recently renovated. The rooms were showing some wear and tear, but have been given a facelift in 2017 and a much needed bathroom upgrade.
– Location. Non-party animals will appreciate The Vira being in a quieter area of Kuta, yet still walking distance to anything you might need.

Wifi. If you need a strong and consistent connection, this might not be the place for you. Despite the recent renovation, it looks like the wifi was overlooked.

Check prices/dates for the pool access room at Vira Kuta


Frii Echo Beach Canggu


Pool Access Rooms From: $34
Hotel Stars: 3
Guest Rating: 81%

The Frii Echo Beach hotel in Canggu has the CHEAPEST pool access room we could find! Starting at only $34 a night helps your Bali budget stretch farther than you ever thought possible. The onsite rooftop bar has a great view, decent prices, good food and a nice vibe to hang out with friends. The super low rate comes with wifi, bar fridges in room, and AC, making it even more of a bargain. 

– It's cheap! It's the lowest priced pool access room we could find that had good ratings. That is a pro all on it's own!
– Located in trendy Canggu, Frii is a 5 minute walk to popular places like The Lawn, Old Mans, Bali Fit, The Shady Shack, etc. 

– Might take ‘pool access' too literal. Instead of a balcony or veranda that leads into the pool, these rooms have glass doors with a straight drop off into the pool. No outside sitting area unless you cross the pool to the opposite deck, and even then seating is super limited.
– Room Size. At only 240 sq ft, this hotel definitely has some of the smallest rooms on the list, but hey…at least they are modern!

Check prices/dates at Frii Echo Beach Canggu


Four Points Seminyak

Four points seminyak pool access rooms

Pool Access Rooms From: $76
Hotel Stars: 4
Guest Rating: 84%

This hotel was previously called the Vasanti and was recently acquired by SPG's brand. They did a great remodel to the rooms, adding a stylish flair, and making the common areas truly beautiful.
We stayed in a pool access room that was right beside a rock fountain wall, which made the greatest water sounds during the day and kept us cool in the sun. The glass sliding door opens up onto a wooden deck with 2 full size sun loungers, a privacy wall, and direct access into the main pool. The spa had really good promotional prices and while their service list wasn't big, the treatments (like massages and pedicures) were top notch! 

rooftop bar at the four points seminyak with Trevor and Kashlee Kucheran
Pool access room at the four points seminyak
Bali pool access at the Four Points
Above rooftop bar at Four Points Seminyak

The Rooftop Bar. This place is an Instagramer's heaven! The space is decked out in bright tropical colors, has stunning wall art and serves up photo worthy smoothie bowls.
– The staff! We found the staff at this hotel gave some of the best service we encountered in Seminyak! They were always so helpful, remembered our names and did everything they could to make our stay wonderful!

– When we stayed at the beginning of 2018, the real wood boards on the pool access room decks were starting to fall apart. It seemed like the water didn't properly drain below them, making the wood soft. If they replace these (which I heard they will), the terrace area would be more comfortable.
– Location. It's not in a ‘bad' location, but it's just a little farther from things than a busy-body guest would want. There are a few convenience stores and shops within a 5 minute walk, but for main attractions get ready to hop in a taxi or hoof it for 15+ minutes. (Yes, the hotel has a shuttle as well)

Check prices/dates for the Four Points Seminyak


The Oasis Lagoon Sanur

Oasis Lagoon Sanur Pool access rooms

Pool Access Rooms From: $60
Hotel Stars: 4
Guest Rating: 81%

This unique lagoon style pool wraps around the guest rooms and creates a really lush and tropical atmosphere. Getting to the beach isn't an issue as it's a 5 minute walk or you can ride a hotel bike or take the free shuttle.
The modern pool access rooms are 350 sq ft, and have direct access into the lagoon, along with private sun chairs for tanning. The set up is great for being able to quickly dip into the pool and not have to worry about having enough lounge chairs.

Breakfast in included, which is a bonus because the nightly rate for pool access is already a great price at $60/n.
– Great location in the heart of Sanur, right next to Hardy's and only a 5 minute walk to the beach

– While the rooms are modern, some might find them a little stark and not as comfy/cozy as they could be. Minimalism usually isn't a con, but many guests reported it was at this hotel.
– Depending on where your room is located, you might get too much shade, making the pool a bit chilly.

Check dates/prices for the Oasis Lagoon Sanur


Sun Island Kuta

Sun Island Kuta pool access

Pool Access Rooms From: $79
Hotel Stars: 4
Guest Rating: 82%

You open up 2 wooden doors and there is the pool right in front of your eyes! So great for easy access and feeling like you have your own private oasis off your balcony. The pool access rooms were recently renovated as well! We loved that this hotel doesn’t take advantage of its guests like others in the area by making the food super affordable, without sacrificing quality! It was so nice to be able to eat here for every meal without worrying about going over budget. It’s also a prime location, without the prime location pricetag!

Pool suite in Kuta at Sun Island
View from the pool access room at Sun Island - Kashlee Kucheran
Pool access suite kuta
Sun Island Kuta deluxe pool room
Food at Sun Island Bali

– We loved sitting in the open air restaurant, while people-watching on one of Kuta's busiest streets. They have a fantastic menu that is more affordable than any other hotel in its proximity. You need to have the $3 Oreo sundae!
– The location of Sun Island Kuta was perfect! It was a quick walk to the mall and about a 10 minute walk to the beach. All shops, spas and hot spots are surrounding this hotel. 

– The pool access rooms are all slightly lower than the pool. Instead of sitting on a deck to dip your feet in the pool, you climb over the edge of the pools wall to get in. While this does make the balcony area a little more private, it means the rooms lounge chairs don't get much sun.
– There aren't a ton of pool access rooms available, so it might be tricky to get one on high occupancy dates.

Check prices/dates for Sun Island Kuta‘s pool access rooms


Ubud Wana Resort

Ubud Wana Resort pool access

Pool Access Rooms From: $78
Hotel Stars:  4
Guest Rating: 91%

This hotel feels like a tucked away secret paradise, but it's actually located only minutes away from Monkey Forest and other top Ubud attractions. Guests rate this place very high due to the ambience, good on-site spa and restaurant and staff that is always smiling.
The pool access rooms open up directly to the main pool and have their own private sun lounge chairs and small table for drinks.

pool at the Ubud wana resort
Pool access room at te Ubud Wana
Wana pool access suites in Ubud

– The quiet, tranquil feeling around the pool. This place definitely has that laid back Bali vibe.
– Included perks like breakfast, a in room fruit basket and one time mini bar.

– Only a few rooms are actually pool access, while many just look like they are. Some of the ‘pool access imposters' have stairs and a garden in-between the pool and the balcony making them much less desirable. 
– If you don't end up in a true pool access room, the space around the pool for all the other rooms in very limited! Plus, the standard room balconies aren't even furnished, making them impossible for spending time on.

Check prices/dates at the Ubud Wana resort


Grand Palace Sanur

Grand Palace Sanur

Pool Access Rooms From: $71
Hotel Stars: 4
Guest Rating: 96%

This brand new colonial style hotel is already becoming a fan favorite. Grand Palace has oversized chic rooms,  24/7 room service and the attitude of a 5 star resort, while still being affordable. 
The 540 sq ft pool access room is an executive suite and opens directly onto the main pool. The furniture and tile work in these rooms are very classy and give it the feel of a more expensive resort. 

– Having a posh colonial resort feel, but still coming in well within budget. 
– New modern rooms, plush comfy beds, super clean grounds and some of the best rated staff in Bali.

– Since it's located on a busy road, some guests didn't like the noise and traffic. 
– Last time we checked, they didn't have their liquor licence yet. Ouch.

Check prices/dates at the Grand Palace Sanur


Ossotel Legian

ossotel legian pool access

Pool Access Rooms From: $72
Hotel Stars: 4
Guest Rating: 89%

If you want the best of both worlds, this hotel might be the one for you. Not only can you get a luxurious pool access room, but the beach is only one block away. 

deluxe pool access ossotel
Ossotel pool access room bali

– Location! Not only is this place just a block from the beach, but it's also FEET away from everything else Legian has to offer. You will find a mini-mart, money changer, pharmacy, coffee chops, dvd stores, shops, boutiques and restaurants just outside your front door.
– Romeo's Restaurant! Attached to the Ossotel is one of the best rated restaurants in the area. Guests love the taste of the food, the happy hour deals and the ambience of the bar.

– Even though it's surrounded by greenery and has a chic look to it, the pool is mostly in the shade. Combine that with a lack of sunny common areas and this hotel doesn't give a ton of direct sun.

Check prices/dates at the Ossotel Legian


Kamar Kamar Seminyak

Kamar kamar seminyak pool access

Pool Access Rooms From: $42
Hotel Stars: 3.5
Guest Rating: 94%

I could rant and rave about this little gem of a boutique hotel! This hotel acts like a 5 star, even though it's technically just above a 3 star. There are places that make you feel like home. Kamar Kamar is one of those places.
The pool access suites are around 600 sq ft, come with a separate living/sitting area, and open up right onto the crystal clear blue water. 

pool access suite at the kamar kamar - Kashlee Kucheran
Seminyak Kamar Kamar
Free Breakfast at the Kamar Kamar Bali
Bedroom at the Kamar Kamar hotel
Pool at the Kamar Kamar hotel in Bali
Kamar Kamar pool access

– The small (but luxurious) details! Each night they light candles around the pool giving such sweet ambiance, turn down service, made to order breakfast, afternoon tea service, welcome drink, super spacious rooms.
– Considering the the hotel is only 10 rooms, the pool is a great size, plus it’s never ice cold which is nice. The beautiful vines and Asian flare give the pool such an exotic yet serene feeling. It felt like our own quiet getaway. Very relaxing!

The location can be a slight con. It's tucked away on a side street, but we didn't mind at all. There are still several restaurants and hotels to eat at in the area, it's beside one of the highest rated spas in Seminyak, and let's be real… you can take a Blue Bird taxi anywhere in town for $3.

Check prices/dates at Kamar Kamar


Anumana Ubud

Anumana Pool Access Room

Pool Access Rooms From: $70
Hotel Stars: 4
Guest Rating: 92%

Boutique, modern and trendy, but still has that Bali vibe! You can have an upscale vacation experience in the stunning lounge and bar, or slow it down with rooftop yoga. So many attractions like Monkey Forest are just a few minutes walk from the hotel, but they also have a free shuttle to take you into the bustle of Ubud's downtown district.
The pool access suites are 300 sq ft, contemporary and open up to a look-out type veranda with chairs. Down a few tiled steps you will come to the pool with your own private lounge chairs.

Pool Access Anumana
Amnumana hotel pool access

– Culture! They have cultural performances on select nights and is walking distance to many other unique Ubud experiences.
Afternoon tea (with delectable snacks) is served daily and is included in the rate. Breakfast is also free with your stay, making this a great value pick!

– The pool access suites require you to go down about 8 steep, tiled steps to get to your ‘semi-private section' of the main pool. 
Noise tends to travel in this hotel.

Check prices/dates for the Anumana Hotel in Ubud


Haven Suites Bali Berawa Canggu

Pool Access haven suites Canggu - Kashlee Kucheran's review of hotel

Pool Access Rooms From: $100
Hotel Stars: 5
Guest Rating: 91%

We came, we saw, we tried countless different pool access suites in Bali. The Haven Suites in Canggu was the WINNER for the #1 best pool access room on the entire island for under $100.
This place really sets the bar high and impressed us with their TRUE pool access suites. Literally you open up the balcony door, take 3 steps across your deck and can dip right into the pool. It was the best vibe of all of them, but hard to put into words! It felt private, yet sociable, super luxurious, yet not imposing.
This hotel was recently opened, has 60 guest rooms and is on the beach in Canggu. It's 5 star rating is well earned with the high level of service, amenities and the royal feeling of the rooms. You can even walk down the beach to places like Finn's beach club in no time.
The rates here can very a lot since it's a new and quite popular hotel, but we stayed in a pool access room for $100 a night for 4 nights, you just need to spot a deal! (But even if you had to pay a bit more…it's totally worth it!)

Kashlee Kucheran Pool Access Haven Suites Canggu
Kashlee Kucheran at Canggu Haven Suites Pool
Haven Suites bali berawa
Canggu Haven Suites Hotel and the Pool access rooms
Hotel room at the Bali Berawa Haven Suites hotel
Kashlee View from room in Haven Suites pool access room
Bathroom and bathtub at Haven Suites Canggu


-The Bathroom! Really, check out the major tub goals that are happening in these suites…it will take your breathe away!
-The pool access suites. They are double the size of comparable hotel rooms, plush and extravagant, all while staying true to the Balinese spirit. 


– While it's on the beach, it's not beach front. The hotel was built behind a small creek leading to the actual ocean, so you need to cross a small wooden bridge to get to the sand.
– If you are NOT staying in a pool access room here, there are hardly any pool chairs available

Check prices/dates at Haven Suites Bali Berawa in Canggu

Honourable Mention:

Even though it's not under $100 a night, I needed to add on an incredible, splurge worthy hotel.

The Trans Resort in Seminyak has a palatial pool access room called ‘The Celebrity Suite' that is to die for. It's 1300 sq ft, comes with a butler, and a pool access feature that is like no other. They truly deliver a 5+ star experience that you would expect to pay THOUSANDS a night for, but you can find it starting at around $300. I also wrote an entire blog with a video tour on the suite HERE.

Pool Access Bali- Trans Hotel

Best Pool Access Hotel Rooms in Bali under $100

  1. Haven Suites Canggu
  2. Anumana Resort Ubud
  3. Kamar Kamar Seminyak
  4. Ossotel Legian
  5. Grand Palace Sanur
  6. Ubud Wana Resort
  7. Sun Island Spa Kuta
  8. Oasis Lagoon Sanur
  9. Four Points Seminyak
  10. Frii Eacho Beach Canggu
  11. Vira Bali Hotel Kuta
  12. Kubu Cempaka Seminyak
  13. Four Points Kuta
  14. Seminyak Lagoon All Suites
  15. Ramada Encore Seminyak

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Charlotte Anne de Peralta

Wednesday 4th of July 2018

I love pools in a hotel or a resort and having an easy and free access makes it perfect during a hotel stay. It gives the hotel a luxurious vibe in any way. The Haven Suites in Canggu really tops the list. I also love The Oasis Lagoon in Sanur. I like pools that is surrounded by greens, it makes everything so magical.

Sunday 1st of July 2018

Seminyak Lagoon All Suites looks like my kinda place, and I can't believe how cheap it is! This is a great list for anyone to refer to if they're travelling to Bali any time soon x


Saturday 30th of June 2018

Wow, such a delight to come across so many amazing stay options in Bali. My favourite is the Kubu Cempaka Seminyak and Four Points Seminyak, the pool is stunning. Thanks for sharing such tempting accommodation list for Bali.