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Best Travel Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis

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I had no idea what plantar fasciitis was.
I mean, I knew it had something to do with feet, but it was a term I had never Googled or thought any more about. And here I was – naively travelling around the world, wearing nothing but flip-flops year after year, not paying any mind to the damage I was doing.

Not only did I not really know what plantar fasciitis was, but I had never really given ANY thought to my feet. I knew I was a size 9.5, but other than that I never paid them any attention. I’ve heard people say things like “I have high arches” and “I need arch support in my shoes” and just figured it was a ‘old person thing’. I know this sounds terribly ignorant, but I’m just being honest.
Why would I care about high or low arches and orthidic support in my 20’s and 30’s right?

Flip Flops Caused My Plantar Fasciitis

5 years ago I started travelling… a LOT! Almost everywhere I’ve gone has been a hot, tropical destination. In the summer months I return to my native country Canada to take advantage of it’s hot and sunny weather. For almost 5 years straight I have only experienced a few WEEKS of autumn/winter weather, which means I have been wearing FLIP FLOPS about 95% of the time.
Why not right? They’re cool, easy to put on, go with summery outfits, and are cheap to replace.
But what I didn’t know about flip flops is they were RUINING my feet.

My husband and I walk everywhere and clock about 10,000 steps a day. For years I have been doing that in flip flops with no problem, until this past December as we were travelling in Vietnam.

After a long day of pounding the pavement, about 17,000 steps later, I noticed my foot was throbbing in pain. I just figured I had walked a lot that day and ignored it. But day after day it was getting worse and worse until I couldn’t walk anymore.

Of course I started Googling things to figure out what was wrong with me and how I could fix it FAST. The last thing I needed in my life was to be bedridden while we were trying to tour through a South East Asian country.
After hours of searching it seemed like all my symptoms were that of plantar fasciitis. What? How could this be? I’m not 70 years old with Velcro sneakers and a walker… right? Again, I had no idea what it was, and my preconceived notions of what PF really was were grossly incorrect.

I needed a professional opinion. I searched online for someone who could help me in Vietnam and made an appointment. The specialist I saw confirmed that I had developed plantar fasciitis in my left foot. Years of improper support, poor alignment and lots of walking seemed to be the cause. He told me to get some supportive shoes, take ibuprophen, and elevate/ice my foot several times a day.

Finding Travel Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis

So now I needed to find some shoes that I could:  
A) wear in hot weather and
B) that had the proper arch support

Well I couldn’t have been in a worse geographical location to get proper foot wear. In the small village of Hoi An, Vietnam (where we were staying for a few months) there were 0 options. All the stores had were either cheaply made counterfeit sneakers, or expensive FLAT leather sandals, none of which were made to help plantar fasciitis.

I walked in pain all over town trying desperately to find something that would work, until I couldn’t walk anymore. My husband went out alone and finally found some foam like sandals for $4 that would ‘sort of’ do the trick until we could find a better alternative.

After weeks of me sitting around, we still couldn’t find proper shoes for plantar fasciitis. I found some on Amazon, but Amazon didn’t ship to Vietnam. I asked my mom to ship them to me from Canada, but it was going to be $326 on-top of the cost of shoes and it would take weeks.
I finally found another store that would ship to Vietnam, but it was now their ‘Tet Lunar New Year’ and mail wouldn’t be coming through for another few weeks.

For 4 weeks I iced my foot daily, took NSAIDS, and tried to not aggravate my foot. I hardly walked anywhere and we put many of our travel plans on hold. Let me tell you, it SUCKS to be in a foreign country and develop health issues that can’t be solved. I felt helpless, lazy and stupid for doing this to myself.

Eventually I found a pair of ‘Birkenstock-like’ sandals that seemed to give me the support I needed.
After a month of icing, Advil, resting and ‘better than flip-flops’ supportive shoes, my PF flare up finally calmed down. I could WALK AGAIN! It was such a relief! There were times when I wasn’t sure when the pain was going to stop. I kept thinking what if I was going to be like this forever. Thankfully it did stop, but I’m not sure when a flare up may hit me again.

Treating My Plantar Fasciitis Long Term…

Once I am back in Canada, I’m going to visit my doctor and get some more information on how to treat my plantar fasciitis in the long term. In the mean time, I was able to find some Dr. Scholls flip-flops in Bangkok and have been using them with success over the last few weeks. What has worked for me is:

  • Supporting my arches and heel
  • Icing my foot after days with lots of walking
  • Using Ibuprofen to reduce swelling

I’ve also spent countless hours researching which shoes work best for travelling with plantar fasciitis. Reading hundreds of reviews and asking around to other people with the condition, I’ve made a list of the BEST plantar fasciitis shoes, flip-flips, and sandals for people who love to travel as much as I do!

Best Travel Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis – WOMEN'S

In doing research I saw that the most loved brand of plantar fasciitis-friendly shoes are Vionic. They have the most variety in styles, colours and the highest ratings. Half of the recommendations below are Vionic’s simply because they are one of the best brands out there.

Flip Flops For Plantar Fasciitis

Crocs Flip Flips (Kadee)

I have been using these super lightweight flip-flops by Crocs as my ‘indoor shoes', especially when I am walking on hard tile floors. They don't have the most support of any shoe out there, so I wouldn't suggest wearing them on long walks, but they are great for an indoor shoe. 


Update: Nov/2019
Oofos saw this blog and sent me a pair of their Original Sport Aqua sandals to try. I have been using them for 6 months now and I am in love! They are super casual and sporty, so I don't try and pair them with a dress or anything, but for casual days or lots of walking, there are a HIT!
They are super squishy and soft, but still supportive. My arch and heel are always cushioned. They literally DO feel like I'm walking on a cloud.
I wear them around all the time, with some days clocking over 10,000 steps. They don't give me blisters which is a nice added bonus!

Vionic Tide

Vionic makes a great supportive flip flop! The ‘Tide' has over 5000 reviews and still knocks it out of the park with a near 5-star rating, which is unheard of for any other orthotic sandal. The classic black goes with everything, but they also make it in 14 other colors. This is a staple that any travel girl dealing with plantar fasciitis needs in her bag!

Reviews Say: 

"LOVE these shoes!! My feet were so flat due to plantar fasciitis and within days my arch was coming back! Best $ I've spent on foot wear! They are also cute! I no longer have foot pain And can wear these all day long with no issues!"

Okabashi Maui

This Okabashi flip flop is loved by travellers, especially because they are super easy to clean! (you can just throw them in the washing machine!) People use them as outdoor flip flops, house shoes or even shower shoes. Beach-lovers like wearing them all year round because they are sand and water friendly, but still give great arch support.
They are also vegan and 100% latex free!

Reviews Say: 

"I live in south Florida, but wearing cheap flip flops without arch support was killing my feet. These shoes feel amazing! I wear them all day, every day, and my arches never feel tired. I can go for miles walking down the beach and not worry about ruining them or my feet."

Fitflop Lulu

I love how these FitFlop's give a little more style to the average thong. The companies tag line is ‘Science With Style' and that shows. People (especially with heel spurs) found relief with these shoes because of the intense cushioning they have in the soles. Plus I think they look cute with resort-wear outfits!

Reviews Say: 

"These shoes are life-savers for me. I've battled plantar-fasciitis for decades. The pain isn't just alleviated, it's gone. When I wear other shoes that cause the injury to return, it only takes a few days of wearing these to have full relief again."

More Flip Flops with Arch Support;

Wedges For Plantar Fasciitis 

Crocs – Leigh II

Another great shoe by Crocs. I wear these all the time when I need to dress up a little, but don't want to be in pain! 
At first I was a little reluctant, as once I put the wedge ON, it didn't seem to support the gap in my arch at all. But somehow (maybe in the heel cushioning?) wearing these wedges, even walking 1 or 2 km in them, does NOT flair up my plantar fasciitis.

They also come in black!

Vionic Noble Laurie

A good wedge is the very foundation of my travel wardrobe. I love to sub them in for heels when I know I'll be walking longer distances and I find they go with almost everything! Vionic makes a great medium height wedge with the Noble Laurie model. This sandal absorbs shock giving relief to feet, ankles and knees on a sightseeing day. Plus they are pretty light so they won't weigh down your luggage.

Reviews Say: 

"Absolutely love these shoes!!! It's like I'm stepping on memory foam. All shoes, especially cute shoes, are painful for me, but not these. They're great and super cute. Love em!!!! I suffer from plantar fasciitis and atrophy on the ball of my foot - so trust me, these are wonderful."

Aetrex – Brynn

While being on the more expensive side, the Aetrex ‘Brynn' gives a ton of good quality support. Slow recovery memory foam makes the sole fit custom to your unique foot, and has a padded heel strap to keep the shoe comfortably in place. This shoe is also wide foot and high instep friendly. And yes, those are  Velcro straps – it's never looked so good!

Reviews Say: 

"These wedges are incredibly comfortable. The moment I put them on I felt like I was walking on clouds. I was able to wear them all day exploring the city with very little discomfort. I also loved that there’s straps you can adjust to your own foot size. Well made and great support."

Clarks Annadel Eirwyn

For the travel girl who needs some extra height in her life. These 3″ wedges by Clarks are sturdy yet light, and come in staple colors like black, beige, and white. Of course, coral is always a good idea. The fabric over the toes is smooth and light, so it won't dig into your feet and the padded heel lets you stand around in them for hours.

Reviews Say: 

"I have plantar fasciitis and these shoes are extremely comfortable. I recommend sizing up half a size. They run a bit small."

More Wedges With Arch Support:

Sandals With Heels For Plantar Fasciitis

Dansko Sophie

The makers of this Sophie shoe started in the 90's out of Denmark and are committed to only making footwear that promotes good foot, leg and back health. This clog-type sandal has enough support that you can stand or walk in them all day long. They come in 12 different colors including metallics, multi-color and snakeskin. 

Reviews Say: 

"I have large bunions and plantar fasciitis and these shoes are great for both... especially because they have the adjustable buckle. I was nervous when I first ordered these, as they did not have a back strap, but they stay on well and don't slip off my feet."

Vionic Blaire

Thank god for a block heel! They are so much easier to walk in, especially on uneven streets and cobblestone. The Blaire shoe by Vionic is also very cleverly disguising that it's a podiatrist-designed shoe, you can hardly see the hidden arch support. This model comes in suede or leather and lots of trendy colors. It's the best way to still rock heels on vacation.

Reviews Say: 

"This shoe is by far the most comfortable heel I have ever owned! I can wear them all day without foot, leg, or back pain. They are basically heels that are very supportive but really cute. They don't look like granny shoes, which most orthpedic shoes do."

Vionic Perk

Another great chunky heel choice by Vionic (I just couldn't pick one!) I feel this shoe goes perfectly with a LBD or cocktail dress. Again, Vionic was able to hide the arch support so no one would ever know this is an orthotic shoe!

Reviews Say: 

" I have been battling plantar fasciitis with horrible heel pain and have been unable to wear any other shoe other than my tennis shoes with custom orthotics. I bought these for a wedding. I danced all night and went out after the reception and my feet didn't hurt ALL NIGHT! All the straps are adjustable and the arch support is unreal. Seriously look no further - these shoes are adorable, sexy and comfortable! Yeah - I said it - a sexy orthotic shoe."

More Sandals/Heels with Arch Support:

Sneakers & Walking Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis

New Balance Arishi

Spoiler Alert – These super cute sneakers by New Balance aren't the most supportive on the block, but they are still pretty versatile. Many people mentioned for mild PF they worked great, but others just inserted their custom orthodic insoles to make it more supportive. It's positives are that it's extra-light, breathable and won't break the bank for a brand name shoe. They also come in approximately 1 zillion different colors.

Reviews Say: 

"I love these shoes. They provide support and help my plantar fasciitis while still being lightweight. I get a lot of compliments on the color as well."

Vionic Splendid

This simple slip-on is a best seller for Vionic, with users raving about how comfy it is for an everyday shoe. It's designed with arch support and good heel padding to make walking easier, especially for those with plantar fasciitis. They also made an adorable baby blue perforated style of this shoe, which I'm in love with!

Reviews Say: 

"These shoes are a lifesaver! I have horrible plantar fasciitis, and these shoes are a dream! I can wear them all day, pain fee! Plus they are so cute, they go with everything and no one noes they are orthopaedic, which is important to me!"

Saucony 5260-1

This is a style sneaker that everyone loves to hate on, but buys and wears anyway. This old-timer style of shoe is going CRAZY on Instagram right now. Girls are wearing them with pretty colorful dresses all over the world. I personally have no idea why, but hey, if it's in style might as well reap the comfort benefits while you can. These shoes by Saucony are the Cadillac of support sneakers. They have so many technical bells and whistles, I'll let you do your own reading, but they are serious about being functional orthotic shoes

Reviews Say: 

"I'm 5'10" tall and have a size 12 med. shoe, so finding a shoe in my size is difficult enough and I always have to buy online or by catalogue which can be literally a pain. I also have had several stress fractures, broken ankles, plantar fasciitis & rheumatoid arthritis. I would recommend this sneaker above any I have ever had"

More Sneakers With Arch Support:

Flats For Plantar Fasciitis 

Vionic Minna Ballet Flat

This chic flat is easy to pack, doesn't take up coveted luggage space and goes with just about everything. It has a microfiber-covered, removable orthotic insole you can use or swap it with another that you like better. For a flat, they give pretty good arch support and have built in Orthaheel support to help alignment. They come in every color from mustard to crimson to navy to black.
Many people have mentioned they tend to run slightly big, so most opt for a half-size down

Reviews Say: 

"5 Stars because these are high-quality flats with amazing arch support. I am in my 20s and have had plantar fasciitis on my right foot. It crops up as burning in the middle of the bottom of my foot after a long day of walking/standing without good support. My podiatrist told me that I can either get shoes with support or plan for pain and foot surgery. They are pricey but you are getting a legitimate orthotic that is worth about $30-$40 if you were to buy that separately. And trying to fit an orthotic into a flat? Good luck! This is the best of both worlds. I am so happy I found Vionic."

Abeo Tia

The Tia Metatarsal flat gives serious support out of such a small shoe. Since I can't describe what it does as good as Abeo can, here is how they explain the features on their website:
“Metatarsal support provides enhanced arch support, with added ball-of-foot metatarsal support. Ideal for high arches, metatarsal support redistributes weight from the ball-of-foot and relieves forefoot pain and pressure.”
This makes the Tia a great flat for waking through the airport and exploring a new city on foot

Reviews Say: 

"A great shoe! I have trouble with bunions and sore feet. I can wear this shoe for "most" of the day without problems! I am on my feet for most of the day and this shoe has plenty of support."

More flats with arch support:

Booties For Plantar Fasciitis

Vionic Blakely

This is more of a ‘shootie' than a bootie, but either way it's incredibly stylish for travel. The chunky block heel makes it easier to walk in and the hidden orthotics make it more supportive than any other bootie you'll find. Perfect for looking great in chilly spring and fall weather travel destinations.
It's suede finish comes in black and beige as well. 

Reviews Say: 

"Love, love, love these shoes. I haven't been able to wear heels since I collapsed my arch. These work great and give me no pain and support my feet very well. Get so many compliments on them. Super cute. So happy to have heels on again."

Dansko Delphina

People rave about the comfort of the Dansko Delphina, both for support and not rubbing/causing blisters. The bootie is 100% leather, has a solid 3″ heel and a 0.75 platform in the front, but still makes walking and standing a breeze. They look great with jeans too!

Reviews Say: 

"OMG these are THE BEST and MOST COMFORTABLE shoes with a heel I have EVER owned. I wear Danskos as a CRNA (Nurse Anesthetist) and am on my feet all day. I would probably be able to wear these Delphinas to WORK, I promise you will LOVE them."

Best Travel Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis – MEN'S

Now it's time to talk about the best MENS shoes for traveling with plantar fasciitis. Guys are lucky because they don't need as many pairs of shoes as us girls, but the ones they DO have can now be supportive and stylish. Almost ALL of the mens shoes I found are Vionic as well, because they really do make the best variety. (and the trendiest, non-old man type shoe)

Men's Flip Flops For Plantar Fasciitis

OOFOS Post Run Recovery

The post-run recovery sandal absorbs 37% more than a traditional foam sandal, is machine washable, gives great arch support, and even floats in water. The closed cell foam also minimizes stinky husband-feet syndrome. Plus it goes with just about anything a beach-lounging guy would be wearing on vacation.

Reviews Say: 

"I'm an avid runner with high arches with occasional plantar fasciitis and Achilles pain. I've been wearing these on and off for a week and took my dog for a 4 mile walk in them yesterday and my feet feel great! I wish I'd discovered them sooner. I live in SoCal and flip flops are on my feet all year rounds when I'm not working."

Vionic Tide

Vionic Tide is a seriously high-rated mens sandal, with hundreds of 5-star reviews. This isn't just a great travel flip-flop for guys, it's the perfect everyday shoe. It's great quality and will last a while for long-term wearers. 
The Tide has great arch support and forms to the foot to prevent sliding and over-stretching like some basic flip-flops. And best of all, you can't tell it's an orthotic shoe

Reviews Say: 

"Love these flip flops. Yes they ate a few dollars more but you will get what you pay for. I had plantar fasciitis surgery so I went through terrible pain. These helped big time. I got them when going on a cruise because I knew I would be walking a lit and obviously wearing flip flops a lot. The arch is fantastic."

Vionic Kiwi Slide

Not a flip-flop, but still a super casual and comfy slide for men. Most users buy them as a masculine house-slipper, while others like to use them for summer days or vacation shoes. The top is Velcro so it's completely adjustable to custom fit your foot. In true Vionic fashion, it's got all the orthotic support you'd expect. 

Reviews Say: 

"This is my second pair. Extremely comfortable. Perfect fit and weight. Quality material. I have planters fasciitis, and thanks to these slippers, I can walk around my home without any worries. The style is attractive as well as functional and comfortable."

Men's Dress Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Dr. Comfort Wing

Comes in black or brown, this supportive dress shoe is also marketed for diabetics or anyone who needs medical grade orthotics. It comes with a removable gel insole and is made from 100% leather. 

Reviews Say: 

"Very comfortable, have helped my plantar facitis to the point of not having one attack since I got them. Hard to find a dress shoe suitable for business with the orthotic properties I needed. "

Vionic Sullivan

This smart looking dress loafer comes in black, brown and taupe, 100% leather and comes with all the arch support a guy needs. It has a cushioned leather foot-bed that is removable so you can swap it out for your favorite inserts as well

Reviews Say: 

"Great looking shoe! The arch support makes so much difference! My old shoes feel like walking on boards. These feel great even at the end of the day. Good price, made well. Will definitely purchase more!"

Sneakers For Plantar Fasciitis – Men's

Vionic Turner

The Vionic Turner sneaker is a perfect choice for an active guy. The sneaker is light, breathable, moisture-wicking, anti-odor and has a removable mesh footbed. The outsole is rubber and durable so they can be worn for low-impact sports, walking, or just every day life

Reviews Say: 

"My foot has been in pain for months with no relief from over the counter pain medication. Just a couple days of wearing these shoes and I already feel so much better. Bought a second pair."

Vionic Baldwin

This trendy shoe can go from street style to smart-casual easily! Rubber outsole helps traction, while the hidden orthotics inside give great arch support and reduce foot/ankle pain. Comes in black, white and brown

Reviews Say: 

"I bought this nice looking pair of sneakers for my husband and he absolutely love them. Walked a whole day in Disneyland And he said is all worth the money . Totally recommend it."

I hope this gives anyone suffering with Plantar Fasciitis some great and supportive footwear options. If you have a brand or type of shoe that has worked well for you, let me know in the comments!

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Best shoes to wear when traveling with plantar fasciitis

Diane Stallworthy

Monday 20th of July 2020

Every specialist says NO to flip-slops and open-backed sandals and here you are promoting them. Are you really being responsible or just pushing famous brands like any other pusher?

Kashlee Kucheran

Monday 20th of July 2020

I am just writing a resource for people who need more arch support, like myself! If open back shoes don't work, then why do the top brands who promote support and PF relief make them? I wear many these flip flops and they have helped me a lot :)

Am I a podiatry expert? No. I am a traveler who walks a lot and like to share what I have found to work.

Have a wonderful day!


Thursday 2nd of May 2019

I m in mu 30s , but i have both chondomalacia patila and plantar facitities and taking resets fr several months . I am using sandals for plantar facitities gives relief all the time.But i m travelling for vacations to hill place and sandals are slippery in wet floor. Non slippery shoes especially for 'plantar facitities' i need to get from india. Could you specific model and brand ?

Julie Boyd

Friday 22nd of March 2019

This is such a helpful post since I also suffer from plantar fasciitis. Oofos have helped me so much, and now I wear them opposed to just plain flip-flops.


Friday 22nd of March 2019

Omg, I'm scared for my future. My mom has plantar fasciitis but I didn't realize that it came from poor foot support. I'm so sorry you had to go through such an ordeal, but really grateful that you've created such a valuable resource. Now to change my ways...

Laurie Brandsma

Thursday 21st of March 2019

Excellent article Kashlee. Thank you for your research!