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Can You Take An UBER At The Mazatlán Airport?

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There has been much debate since UBER entered the Mazatlán market two years ago. Technically UBER still operates within a grey area in the city and is not officially recognized by government. That being said ridesharing companies are alive and well in Mazatlán.

When it comes to the Mazatlán Airport, it's a whole different story.

Uber and local ridesharing platform DiDi are NOT ALLOWED to drop off or pick up at the Mazatlán airport. 

In December of 2019, the government posted large billboards at the entrance to the Mazatlán airport warning that ‘unauthorized' vehicles are prohibited from entering. This was directly targeted at UBER. 

There are however many affordable options still available to transfer passengers to the city. 

uber mazatlan

Mazatlán Airport Taxi:

mazatlan airport taxi

The taxis at the airport come with a pre-negotiated and set rate. As of Nov 2019, expect to pay $400 pesos to Centro, $430 pesos to the Golden Zone, $500 pesos to Cerritos. Depending what time you arrive, there can be long waits. Only certain types of authorized taxis may enter the airport so it can cause delays for passengers. In fact, they have been know to run out of taxi's. 

You need to buy a taxi voucher from the authorized stand BEFORE going outside to get in line for a car. You will find the counter after you exit the luggage carousel on the right-hand side. 

Mazatlán Airport Private Driver (1-3 People)

There are many private drivers in Mazatlán who offer personalized, easy and comfortable transfers. Private drivers usually meet you inside the airport, have more space for large bags, include cold beverages and have a much nicer vehicle for the 30 minute ride to the city. 

Mazatlán Airport Private Shuttle Transfer (4-60 people)

When booking a group transfer, ensure your party is receiving your own private van. Many group transfers are part of shared shuttle which can take up to two hours before you arrive at your hotel in Mazatlán.

Group shuttles must follow strict tourism regulations in Mazatlán. All group shuttles must have proper federal plates along with properly liscenced federal drivers. Because of the strict regulations and strong taxi union, all bookings for group transfers to and from the airport must be made IN ADVANCE before arriving in Mazatlán. That includes return transfers. 

Mazatlán Shared Airport Shuttle

Shuttle bus

The King David Airport shuttle is an affordable solution if you're ok with sharing a shuttle bus. The shuttle will have multiple stops for dropping off people at their hotels and rental properties. The length of time it will take varies from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours depending on where your drop off point is. Shared shuttle bookings do a include round trip ticket for $25.00. If you're not in a rush, want to save some money and don't mind sharing your ride, this is a great option!

Joseph Albert

Wednesday 29th of December 2021

Forgive my Ignorance but King David airport shuttle was $60.00 last checked. (Dec. 29, 2021) Not the $25.00 listed here. Whats the cheapest way again. Ill be arriving in 2 weeks to Mazatlan

Ronald White

Saturday 1st of May 2021

Hi. My name is Ron White. My wife and I have booked a 1 week stay in Mazatlan for October 22nd- 29. We have never been there before and after having researched possible retirement destinations , Mazatlan appears to check all the boxes. We would be interested in the category of living the “Luxurious life”. Can you recommend some nice oceanfront condo options in that category so we could check them out on our trip? Thank you.

Kashlee Kucheran

Saturday 1st of May 2021

Hi Ron! Mazatlan is the best place we've found in the world, and we've traveled a LOT! It would be best to contact a local Realtor for the kind of information you are looking for :)

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