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Canada Issues Travel Advisory For Nicaragua – Avoid All Essential Travel

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Canada Travel Advisory - Nicaragua

As of August 2nd, 2018 the Canadian government has issued a Travel Advisory for Nicaragua. The advisory states to avoid all non essential travel to the country.  This is the second highest level of warning the Canadian government issues second to “avoid all travel” which applies to countries such as Iraq and Syria.

Why did Canada issue the travel advisory for Nicaragua?

There has been a high level of civil unrest in Nicaragua which has lead to rioting, food shortages and lack of health care services.  Over 300 civilians have been killed with thousands injured as Nicaraguan security forces try to regain control. 

Demonstrations and rallies are occurring frequently without warning leaving innocent civilians and tourists caught in the mix. These demonstrations can cause rioting, looting and arson which are common in unrest, including in tourist areas. 

Hospitals around the country have been overwhelmed with injured protesters leading to long delays and adequate health care.

Road blocks across the country including in Managua may limit access to airports, fuel and food.

Police and emergency services have been extremely limited as they focus on civil unrest. As a result there has been an increase in violent crime, sexual assault and armed robbery. 


Credit: New York Times

Still Traveling to Nicaragua?

Following these suggested tips can help keep you safe:

1. Have a plan in place to leave the country quickly

2. Avoid all demonstrations and rallies

3. Stay within hotel and resort areas

4. Do not attempt to drive through road blocks, barricades or crowds

5. Keep a low profile

6. Do not display signs of wealth including jewelry, designer clothes and high end electronics

7. Avoid traveling at night

8. Be aware of your surroundings and know where you are going

9. Register for Canadians Abroad

10. Protect your passport

Canada Travel Advisory for Nicaragua - It's still a choice

The media can paint a dire picture of what is going on during a Travel Advisory. It's up to you to be informed and understand the risks of traveling to a country with an advisory. There could be many pockets of Nicaragua that remain unaffected by the civil unrest. Find out what tourists are saying. Be safe and continue to explore the world. Happy Travels.

Canada Travel Advisory for NIcaragua