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Man in Canada Tells American ‘To GO BACK to her own COUNTRY’ in Banff Viral VIDEO

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Banff, Alberta — A video has gone viral after a man in Canada told an American woman to “go back to her own country”. The incident happened in a line up at Banff National Park when an unidentified man cut in front of her.

Line to see the falls twitter
The Line to see the Falls (Photo: @TheTravelTipster Twitter)

Video of Alleged Racist Man Telling Woman to ‘Go Back To Her Own Country'

She claims on Twitter that before she started filming, the man told her to “go back to her own country”.

The woman from New York says that she has been an immigrant in the US for the last 20 years but speaks with an accent. “Did you just tell me to go back to my own country? Where is my own country?” she replied. 

The woman posted the video to raise awareness of the alleged racially motivated assault. 

"But I think it would be good if it goes viral. These people don't get to win."

In the video, the man shoves the camera away from him as one of the members of his group tells the New York woman “just go away”. As the group walks away one man is heard saying “You're pushing limits you don't want to push”. 

The woman who recorded the video believes the man is from Canada although he was wearing a shirt that says South Dakota on the back. 

A debate on Twitter erupted after the woman posted the video online. Most were in support of the woman who posted the video but some critisised her attention seeking behaviour. 

Twitter debate

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