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Canadian Tourist Drowns In Mazatlán On Day Trip From Cruise Ship

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 A Canadian man drowned thursday at a beach in Mazatlan, Mexico.

Mexican authorities are reporting that 54-year-old, Jeff Seegmiller of Canada died when he became trapped in a strong rip current and was unable to swim back to shore. 

Shortly before 2:00 pm, search and rescue workers were alerted to a man that was drowning in the beach area of Punta Cerritos. 

cerritos beach mazatlan
Seegmiller died at Cerritos beach (Photo: Noroeste)

Rescue workes were quickly able to pull the man back to shore and perform C.P.R. but he was prounced dead at the scene. 

Lifeguards cordoned off the area while waiting for the officials from the State Attorney General's Office, to carry out an investigation at the scene of the incident. 

Search and rescue officials
Lifeguards were unable to resuscitate the man (Photo: Noroeste)

Local media outlets reported Seegmiller arrived on the Norwegian Bliss, a large cruise ship that docked early Thursday morning. 

In a tribute post on Facebook, a long time friend of Seegmiller, Mike Conway was shocked and saddened by the loss. 

"Funny, loyal and always had good words for all. God Bless and God Speed to all his family and friends"

Mazatlan Beaches
Mazatlan is a very popular beach destination for domestic and international travelers. (Photo - Noroeste)

Mazatlán beaches are patrolled by lifeguards and tourist police to help with visitor safety. As Mazatlán tourism continues to grow, and thousands of people crowd the beaches daily, officials are urging visitors to learn about rip currents before swimming in the coean. 

How to escape a rip current (Photo - Readers Digest)

“Don’t try to fight the current, instead move with it” says The National Sea Rescue Institute. Stay afloat by treading water and allowing the current to take you out to sea.

When you feel an opportunity to swim parallel to the shoreline, do so in order to escape the current. Then swim safely back to shore.

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With files from the Mazatlan Post

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