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Cayman Islands Will NOT Be Reopening On September 1st As Planned

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The Cayman Islands will not reopen its borders for international tourism on September 1st as planned. 

The country has delayed its reopening for international tourism until at least October 1st citing a rise in Covid-19 cases in other countries including the United States. 

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The reopening will be evaluated again prior to October 1st and a decision to move forward or not will be made at that at time. 

“That having continually monitored the rate of infection in other countries, particularly in the United States where the pandemic is still widespread, Cabinet has taken the decision to extend the Islands border closure for an additional 30 days, until 1st October 2020, at which time a further decision will be made,” the government said in a statement. 

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It was only a few weeks ago when the Cayman islands announced the reopening of their borders on September 1st with strict protocols

Tourists that have made bookings are now being told told that the borders are closed and that they will not be granted entry. 

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Although some airlines scheduled flights and accepted bookings, the Cayman Islands government has said that it did not grant approval for any commercial flights. 

Travelers are being warned that any bookings made with airlines while the borders are closed are doing so at their own risk. 

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Repatriation flights by Cayman Airways are expected to continue as needed and the air bridge between the United Kingdom and the Cayman Islands will remain open for citizens returning home according to Travel Pulse

Cayman Airways has scheduled a series of repatriation flights to Miami, Kingston, Jamaica and Le Ceiba, Honduras, which are scheduled to depart the Cayman Islands on September 1, 4, 11, 18 and 25 to Miami; September 2, 16 and 30 to Kingston; and August 19 and September 23 to Le Ceiba.

Cayman islands hotel on beach

The Cayman Islands originally announced they would reopen their borders in September with the following strict protocols which are expected to still be in place once the Islands reopen: 

  1. All travelers must present a negative coronavirus test completed within 72 hours before entering the country.
  2. Once travelers depart their planes, they will be required to self-quarantine for five days and present a second negative test before being permitted to freely roam the tropical paradise
  3. All travelers will wear a health monitoring device for continuous screening while in the Cayman Islands. 
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Other Caribbean islands have been enacting new entry protocols and re-closing borders after a spike in cases.

Last week, the Prime Minister of The Bahamas announced that all travelers would face a mandatory 14 day quarantine upon arrival

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