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Cute BEAR Approaches CAR Slowly But Things Change In an Instant – VIDEO

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Bears can be absolutely adorable and even look like they would make for a great cuddle buddy. Viewing them in the wild, they seem calm, cool and collected. The problem is, these cute bears can turn violent in an instant and become extremely agressive. A driver in Russia learned just how fast things can change when a wild bear approached the vehicle. Scroll for video. 

Cute and curious bear

The driver had pulled over when they spotted a bear in the distance. Hoping to get a video of the bear up close, they started recording on their mobile device. They wern't aware at the time of just how close the bear wanted to get. 

Bear Approaches Car
Bear approaches car

The bear decided he wanted an up close and personal meeting with the driver who quickly closed their window as the bear got closer.  

Once the bear was within striking distance of the driver, he lunged at the window with both claws. Luckily the driver closed their window or they would have been dinner. The seemingly innocent and curious bear turned violent in an instant. 

The bear was shocked the window bocked his dinner

Bears don't usually prey on man for meat but they will if diseased or lacking food. Bears are known to attack man more as a precaution to protect their cubs or when their territory has been encroached upon. That doesn't mean it never happens. In 2008 dozens of starving brown bears killed two geologists working at a salmon hatchery in Kamchatka, Russia. After the partially eaten remains of the two workers were found, authorities sent hunters to kill the bears. 

The largest bears on record are polar bears that can grow to 8 feet tall and weigh 2200 pounds. 

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