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Naomi Campbell’s Pre-Flight Boarding Routine Is Genius – VIDEO

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Supermodel Naomi Campbell has a genius but intense pre-flight routine that could help you enjoy your flight and prevent you from getting sick

Before being shuttled to the plane by a private car (btw isn't usually included with a Qatar business class ticket) she makes a stop at the duty free shop. We gather the private transportation to the plane door might just be a perk of being a celeb. 

At duty free, Campbell might shock some viewers as she goes on to buy French chocolate and Haribo candies. Along with a copy of her favorite beauty magazine, she takes the time to stay hydrated and like a true diva, check out the cosmetic section

After arriving at the plane, Campbell takes a pre-flight selfie before heading to her business class seat on a Qatar Airways A350 which happens to be the same plane we flew from Doha to New York last year. We found a killer flight deal that made us feel like celebs for the day! Let me tell you, this plane is absolutely beautiful and business class on Qatar is rated the best in the world! Campbell definitely knows how to fly in style. Kudos to her for reducing her carbon footprint by not taking a private jet. 

Naomi Campbell Selfie
Naomi Campbell Selfie (Credit: Naomi-YouTube)

Upon boarding Campbell has a cleaning routine that is shockingly thorough. Donning her rubber gloves and sanitizer wipes, she cleans absolutely everything that she might possibly touch during her flight. The whole routine actually takes a few minutes to complete and when finished the passenger behind Campbell jokes “will you do my seat next?”

"This is what I do on every plane I get on. I don't care what people think of me. It's my health and makes me feel better."

Naomi Campbell cleans her entire airplane seat each flight (Credit: Naomi-YouTube)

Next step after cleaning is pulling out her own fuzzy pink blanket to cover the entire seat and cozy up on. With hydation creams, cleansers and facial masks beside her, she puts on her medical mask in case pasengers are “sneezing or coughing” on the plane. “As the plane descends people start sneezing and coughing more. I just…. I just can't” explains Campbell. 

Medical and Dust Mask Naomi Campbell
Naomi Campbell wearing her medical mask (Credit: Naomi-YouTube)

"As much as I travel, I should get sick so much more with colds and stuff. Im blessed that I don't and I really think this routine helps me"

From what Campbell shows in the video, she is humble enough to clean her own seat, reduce her carbon footprint and gives great advice on how to avoid getting sick on a plane. From the Travel Off Path crew…much respect Naomi! 

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