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Emirates and Etihad Airways Chosen To Trial Covid-19 Travel Pass

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Emirates and Etihad Airways – two of the world’s leading airlines and both flag carriers for the UAE – has partnered with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) to trial its travel pass, as the world looks for ways to streamline travel and provide clearer information in the wake of the global pandemic.

Travel Pass is an app that allows travelers to manage certifications for any Covid-19 tests or vaccinations a traveler may have taken. Here’s a look at the features of the app itself, and further information on the first roll-out of the newly-designed mobile application.

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What Should Travelers Know About The Travel Pass App?

The Travel Pass app has been designed by IATA with the aim of “providing governments with the confidence to reopen borders without imposing quarantines on incoming travelers”. It is to be available on both Android and Apple devices, and is expected to be available for download in March 2021. The app will be free for users to download.  

Users can upload information about tests or vaccinations for coronavirus, which can then be used by governments which require such proofs as a condition of travel. Information stored on the app is verified, making it a trustworthy, secure and convenient method of managing health requirements.

According to the IATA, the app will include a global registry of health requirements to ensure users find accurate information of travel, testing and vaccine requirements. It will also have a global registry of testing and vaccination centers, to ensure such facilities at the departure location meet the requirements for the destination country. It will also have a lab app feature, allowing users to find authorized labs and test centers in order to securely share vaccine and test certificates. A final key feature worth knowing about is the ability to create a digital passport, designed to help improve the travel experience during the pandemic.

Emirates and Etihad Airways Trials – Information for Travelers

It was announced today that Emirates and Etihad Airways would be the first airlines in the world to trial the IATA’s Travel Pass app, as the two airlines announced a partnership with the IATA to launch the app.

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The Travel Pass app will be available for selected Etihad Airways guests flying from Abu Dhabi during the first quarter of the year. Guests of Etihad Airways will be able to create a digital passport on the app, making it easier to share test results with the airline providing a convenient way to manage their travel documentation. Should the trial be successful, the use of the travel pass will be extended to other locations that Etihad Airways service.

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Emirates is expected to implement phase 1 of the use of the app in April, initially only for customers traveling from Dubai. In this first phase, customers will be able to share their Covid-19 test results with the airline prior to arriving at the airport, which will then populate the customer’s detail on the check-in system.

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As the two airlines roll out the program in the coming months, the eyes of the aviation industry will be on them. Success may spell a new dawn for travel – both during the pandemic and perhaps beyond – bringing about a more convenient way to fly in the future. However, it is still early days, and both airlines will be hoping for a smooth delivery and operation of the platform above all else.

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