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Escape The London Crowds! This Cheap Sleeper Train Takes You To Gorgeous Seaside Gem

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Iconic destinations and dealing with crowds are simply just part of traveling. And to be honest, wouldn't it be weird and apocalyptic to see Times Square empty?

The same goes for London, a true icon travelers love to visit year-round, but perhaps no more than summer.

London is one of those places you see in the movies and tell yourself, “I have to go there!”. Although, your bank account may not agree.

Happy traveler at train station

Nonetheless, travelers pour in year after year to this buzzing city, but there is so much more to explore in the UK beyond the bustling streets of London.

Sure, you could pay a visit to other cultural cities like Manchester, Liverpool, or York, but why not give the UK's underrated coastline a chance?

Better yet, why not take one of the most unique modes of transportation to get there?

All Aboard London's Cheap Sleeper Train!

Sleeper trains have become trendier over the years as a fun way to travel and oftentimes boost your budget by saving on a hotel.

GWR train in London

In this case, that's one of the best benefits. A one-way ticket only costs you about $57 a far cry from any reasonable hotel in London.

Take it from me as someone who is currently planning out a London trip – it's not cheap!

Booking a sleeper train from London for less than a one-night stay in a hotel here all while getting to pass through some of the country's most scenic landscapes is a no-brainer hotel hack.

Operated by Great Western Railway (GWR), the Night Riviera Sleeper is a convenient overnight train serving as a hotel on rails.

GWR train along sea

If you buddy up, travelers can also scores fares for $145 one-way or $262 round-trip per person and enjoy a cozy twin bed.

All fares can be purchased online at GWR's official website.

Next Stop: PenZZZance

The irony with sleeper trains is they're so fun to take it's hard to sleep! In this case, GWR has revamped their fleet in recent years, so being comfortable should be no issue.

Outfitted with USB ports, ample storage, and even amenity kits to freshen up before you're off to dreamland, you can expect high-end amenities despite surprisingly affordable prices.

GWR train at Penzance station

While you're (hopefully) catching some z's, know this train isn't in a rush. You can expect the journey to take upwards of 7 hours, most likely 8 on sleeper routes while daytime schedules run closer to 5 hours.

Despite twists and turns and clanking metal, 2 of our writers took this very train in 2017 and noted ‘sleeping like a baby' through the night.

The train leaves from London's Paddington station, taking you to one of the UK's most gorgeous seaside towns in the heart of Cornwall – Penzance.

Porthcurno Beach in Penzance, UK

Why Visit Penzance?

Sleep or no sleep, the train passes through stunning landscapes through towns such as Reading, Exeter St. Davids, and Plymouth.

Some commonly say ‘it's not the destination; it's the journey'. In this instance, it's both.

The UK is such an awesome country, but it's often overshadowed by the bright lights of London as a whole.

But the UK is indeed a beach destination despite the nation's cold, gloomy reputation. There's no better time to hop around the coast than summer.

St. Michaels Mount at sunrise in Penzance

Since it's so cheap to reach, Penzance should highlight your list of beach destinations even if simply used as a gateway to explore more of Cornwall, such as St. Ives.

Without a doubt, comparing apples to apples in London, Penzance is much cheaper to stay in.

While there are definitely not as many hotels to choose from, many upscale and boutique hotels are in the $100's like the 4-star Hotel Penzance (Google reviews here) offering scenic views of the sea.

Factoring in cheap train travel, a one-night hotel hack, and much more affordable stays than in London, it's too hard to ignore the value of escaping to Cornwall on perhaps London's best train travel deal.

Train tracks near Penzance station

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