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Direct Flights To Cancun Re-Launching From These Cities

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Now that Cancun is reopen for visitors, can you actually fly there right now?

The answer is YES!

Aerial view of dreams resort cancun

Many direct flights into Cancun have resumed after the government announced the city has reopened for tourism on June 8th.  Airlines from both the United States and Canada are busy re-launching flights from multiple cities into the tourist hotspot.

cancun beach from above

Most airlines are resuming Cancun routes starting in June, with more flights being added throughout the summer.

Here’s a list of which cities are flying DIRECT into Cancun:

Direct to Cancun from USA


  • June 8th American Airlines
  • June 11th Sun Country
  • June 25th Spirit


  • June 10th American Airlines


  • June 10th American Airlines


  • June 10th United
  • June 26th Spirit
Cancun Reopening To Tourists Everything You Need To Know


  • June 11th American Airlines
  • June 27th Spirit


  • June 11th JetBlue

New York

  • June 13th JetBlue

Washington DC

  • June 25th Spirit


  • June 25th Delta


  • June 27th Spirit
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Salt Lake City

  • July 4th American Airlines

Los Angeles

  • July 4th American Airlines


  • July 7th American Airlines


  • July 10th Frontier


  • July 11th American Airlines
cancun direct flights

Direct to Cancun from Canada


  • June 12th Air Canada
  • June 27th WestJet
  • July 2nd Air Transat


  • July 1st  Air Transat
  • July 2nd Air Canada

Quebec City

  • July 4th  Air Transat


  • July 4th  WestJet


  • July 6th  WestJet
Air Canada Announces Direct Flights To Cancun Starting In June

What’s Open in Cancun?

Many resorts and hotels are opening all throughout June to welcome back visitors. Moon Palace, one of Cancun’s largest resorts, posted a video of them greeting their first guests back to the property on June 8th.

While hotels are reopening, visitors should know that some beaches are still closed. All public beaches are still shut down due to health and safety restrictions, but our sources tell us that some resorts are allowing guests on specific areas of their beaches.

Other things open as of June 8th in Cancun are: restaurants and eateries, historic sites, golf courses, nautical activities, theme parks, shopping malls, theatres, salons, spas, and tourist-based businesses, although at 30% of regular capacity.

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Surrounding Cities

Many tourists use Cancun as a jumping off airport to travel to other hotspots in Quintana Roo like Tulum, Isla Mujeres, Puerto Morelos and Playa Del Carmen. These cities have also reopened with Cancun following the June 8th announcement by the Governor of the state.

Disclaimer: Your decision to travel is your own. While the latest data shows Cancun is open for tourism it can change at any time. Contact local authorities before traveling abroad. Flight availability can change rapidly in these uncertain times, and while we do our best to keep this information up to date, please check with airlines directly.

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