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French Tourist Has Neck Slashed In Random New York Attack

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A French tourist was randomly slashed in the neck while strolling in New York with his girlfriend on Friday, police said.

27-year-old Gabriel Bascou said he never saw the attack coming. 

Bascou and his girlfriend were walking out of an IHOP at about 11 a.m. when the stranger ran up and slashed him across the neck with a knife, police said.

“I didn’t see anything coming, he didn’t steal anything from me,” Bascou wrote in an Instagram post. “Just a gratuitous blow of absolute violence.”

neck slash attack new york

Medics rushed Bascou to Harlem Hospital, where he was given a tracheotomy and intubated.

“The man slit my throat,” he added. “I can’t talk right now.”

His girlfriend, who declined to be named, told The Post her boyfriend was visiting her and had just arrived in town the night before the bloody attack.

new york assualt on tourist

“He’s on the mend. He’s been very lucky,” the frightened woman said. “I’m still scared…I’m apprehensive of leaving the hospital,” she said of the attack.

Images released of the suspect show him wearing a black hat, black clothing, and white Air Jordan sneakers.

No arrests have been made, cops said.

man wanted for throat slashing
Suspect wanted in attack (Image: The Sun U.S)

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Source: NY Post