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Google’s New Search Feature Will Refund The Difference If Your Flight Gets Cheaper

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Earlier this month, Google released a new feature that will refund the difference if you book a flight early and the price drops.

This is game-changing news considering most people develop buyer's remorse when purchasing a flight early with fears that the cost would have been cheaper if they just waited a little longer.

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Traveling this summer will include many preemptive purchases on flights and other forms of transportation.

Everyone is under the same thought that buying early saves you money, but now that will change slightly. 

Companies like Google are developing features that make buying early safer and remove the pressure one feels when purchasing months in advance.

With this new addition, we will feel much better about buying our ultimate destination packages in advance with the security that we won't be spending unnecessary monetary funds. 

Here's what Google's new search feature that refunds the difference if your flight gets cheaper does:

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What Is It?

The Price Guarantee pilot program from Google ensures that travelers who book specific flights have the security that they will be refunded if the price goes below the original purchase point.

This new program that Google released is only available on certain flights with a unique logo on the purchasing screen.

The logo will be identifiable on most search screens and only on specific flights that Google has selected.

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This works because Google will monitor the flight after you've purchased it. If it sees any differences (lowering of the cost), it will notify you and release the difference via Google Pay.

This usually takes 48 hours after the departure.

You must download and sign up for Google Pay App. It can be used to purchase other things like hotels on Google. 


How Does It Work?

Price Guarantee is an entirely free program from Google and one they are currently testing out. The service is only available to customers traveling from the United States with a valid U.S. phone number and address.

With a lot of travel being booked now (Spring) for Summer, it's a great way to ensure security on big purchases. 

If a difference is found, the amount released back to you can range from $5 to $500 and only in USD.

There is a catch, Google will do its best to monitor any fluctuations, but they are not directly the airline. If a change happens and it takes time for Google to see it. You may miss out on getting a refund. 

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Most of the flights selected for the Price Guarantee program are ones Google is confident will stay the same in price.

The likelihood of getting a refund might be slim. But the service is free, and it doesn't hurt to try, especially now that we have increased costs with gas fuel for airlines, strikes, and climate change.

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It's important to note that you have to download and register on Google Pay within 90 days of the itinerary to qualify for the program.

Google Pay acts as a bank for when Google pays or refunds you. You need to be able to access the program and reap the benefits.

It's also the way you would get paid back. It's also another way to purchase flights and other travel-related things. 

Are There Any Limitations?

Another important note is that this feature will only work on direct and round-trip flights departing from the United States.

You can't use it for your return flight from Europe or Asia. Even with that limitation, you can take advantage of the unlimited variables when booking your next flight and save a few bucks. 

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Traveling this season and during the summer should be fun, and we shouldn't worry about buyer's remorse.

If you want to fly out of the United States, check out their Price Guarantee program. They might make it permanent and expand its functions if it works well.

This makes traveling less stressful and more fun, and that's the whole point of going somewhere (most of the time). 

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