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Sheraton Puerto Vallarta – Hotel Review of the Renovations

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Hotel Review of the Sheraton Puerto Vallarta

Sheraton Puerto Vallarta Balcony Junior Suite

At first glance, the Sheraton seems like a dated, monster of a building, but we're asking you to bare with us here.  At almost 500 rooms over 15 stories, YES, it seems a tad overwhelming compared to the other hotels in Puerto Vallarta. But, there might be a few things you don't know about the Sheraton that makes it shine through so many other options for your vacation.

The Sheraton BEFORE the Renovations....

For the last decade or so, the hotel rooms at the Sheraton Puerto Vallarta looked like this:

Sheraton Old room PV
Sheraton Puerto Vallarta Old Rooms


No offence to the hotel whatsoever (as we are an SPG couple at heart) but they really didn't scream ‘Mexican Luxury Resort', did they?

Thank goodness they have just undergone a fantastic renovation that we think takes the hotel to the next level. The Sheraton really offers incredible services, amenities and luxury perks, but so many people were passing it by because of the dated rooms. 

The Sheraton Puerto Vallarta's Best Kept SECRET

The ‘Junior Suite' on the top floor of the hotel. 

Seriously, these rooms are unreal!  If memory serves me correctly, there are only 8 of them in the entire hotel and many people have no idea they even exist.  They are not showcased on the hotel website or many third party booking sites, so they are kind of a ‘ghost' room, but one you HAVE to check out!

The Room -- The Junior Suite

One of the Sheraton's biggest downfall from the tourists point of view is the lack of balconies, except if you scored a Junior Suite which has one of the best balconies in the city!

The Junior Suite features a massive balcony, extremely private, with 2 lounge chairs, an oversized hammock, and the best part- a big round jacuzzi tub! The glass front of the terrace gives you a towering view over Banderas Bay at one of the highest vantage points in all of Puerto Vallarta. 

Inside, they have renovated the suite to be super modern, bright, colorful and fresh!

The Junior Suite has a walk in closet, HUGE bathroom with double sinks, a glass shower that makes you feel like you are bathing outside, and a separate seating area in the main room. 

junior suite puerto vallarta sheraton
Renovated Shower Sheraton Vallarta
Junior Suite puerto vallarta sheraton
Jacuzzi Buganvillas Vallarta
Sheraton Puerto Vallarta Junior Suite
Junior Suite Puerto Vallarta Sheraton
King Bed Sheraton Buganvillas
Sheraton Puerto Vallarta Shower Suite
Sheraton Junior Suite Buganvillas terrace

Puerto Vallarta - Sheraton Junior Suite Room Tour:

The Sheraton's LUXURY Mentions:

So now that you know what room trumps all the others in the hotel, here is how the Sheraton Puerto Vallarta actually beats the competition in many ways:

  • Butler Service.  We loved our butler.  We had a personalized letter waiting for us in the room, complimentary in room coffee/tea/pastry service in the morning
  • Reserved beach area with VIP Bali Beds (this is so key if the resort is busy or full!) 
  • Robes and Slippers
  • Access to the Club Lounge with continental breakfast, nightly hors d’oeuvres
  • Turn Down Service
  • Free Wifi

Now, there are a lot of hotels in the area that have similar luxury features, but you will be paying MUCH more for them. We found the most ‘bang for our buck' in regards to the amenities that came with our suite at the Sheraton.

The Sheraton Puerto Vallarta Hotel Review:

You might want to stay here if:

  • You have a quick stop, as it's not too far from the airport. Many flight crew use this as their regular overnight hotel
  • You want luxury, but also need a family friendly resort
  • You want flawless service.  The Sheraton has been doing this for a long time.  They are a well oiled machine when it comes to service. 


It's fine.  It's nothing to write home about, but it's also not as bland as some mega resorts.  You have a lot of variety for the size of the hotel. Let's just say it didn't dazzle or disappoint us. 


It's pretty much smack dab in-between the marina and the romantic zone.  You are walking distance (if you like long walks) to the start of the malecon, which makes it desirable for people who like to wander on foot.

The Other Rooms:

If you can't secure a Junior Suite, there are 2 other rooms we recommend staying in!

The Sun Terrace Suite

These are located ONLY on floors 2-4 and are some of the only rooms in the hotel that have balconies.  If you hate elevators, or like outdoor space, then ask for one of these rooms!

The Club Room

These rooms are the same size as the normal hotel room, but come with upgraded amenities and access to the ‘Club' lounge.  If you don't do All Inclusive, the club lounge will give you breakfast, snacks, and drinks for free! (bonus!) They are also located on the higher floors of the hotel for a better view. 

Sheraton Puerto Vallarta Club Room

Sheraton Puerto Vallarta Club Lounge

The CLUB Room - Sheraton Puerto Vallarta

The View
Junior Suite view from the Sheraton Puerto Vallarta

How to BOOK: The Sheraton Puerto Vallarta

We searched 10 of the major booking engines and was actually the one who came out on top this time.  They also have the best selection and description of the different rooms types. 

You can book a NORMAL ROOM or a CLUB ROOM at the lowest price around! 


The Sheraton Puerto Vallarta Summary:
We Give 'The Sheraton'
Trevor and Kashlee @ The Sheraton PV

The Sheraton has to prove a lot to stand out amongst the other major hotels in the area, and we think with the renos and their attention to detail, they DO.  The Junior Suite is a total hidden gem of a room and is super luxurious for the price.

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