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Highway Drivers Covered In CASH as Armored Truck Spills $175,000 – VIDEO

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Travelers on Interstate 285 in Dunwoody, Georgia were shocked when they witnessed money falling from the sky on Tuesday night. It ended up being an armored truck that ‘was making it rain'.

It turned out be an armored truck that spilled around $175,000 into the highway police confirmed Wednesday morning. 

Since the incident, viral videos are popping up all over Social Media of drivers stopping along the highway to collect the money. 

Unfortunately finders, keepers is not the law. Police have warned people that picked up any money to turn it in to the police station. They reminded everyone that Social Media videos are everywhere and license plate tags along with identifying people in the videos will be a priority. 

"We also may have plenty of video on social media and tag numbers / people to investigate if people chose not to return it."

So far only two people have come forward to return money. In total, police have only recovered $2700 of the estimated $175,000. The police have warned the public that people still holding the money could be charged with theft. 

A 911 call came in Tuesday night “regarding money flying all over the road.” They said at least 20 vehicles had stopped as “people were frantically taking the money” on the highway.

By the time police arrived there were only a few hundred dollars left. Almost all of the money had been taken by people that had pulled over to grab as much as possible. 

"The exact amount of money missing is currently unkown. We are thankful there were no crashes or pedestrians struck as a result of this isolated cash storm"

Armored Tuck spills load
Money spilled from armored truck on highway

It was reported by CNN that an armored truck's door “sprang open” causing the large amount of cash to spill on to the highway. 

The owner of the armored trucking company issued the following statement:

"We can confirm this incident and are working with local authorities as well as investigating internally. As there is an ongoing investigation, we will not be providing additional information beyond what was been released by local authorities.

This isn't the first time an armored vehicle has spilled a load of cash. In May of 2018 a Brinks truck rear door opened and littered the I-70 highway in Indianapolis with $600,000.

Brinks Truck loses money


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