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I Upgraded My Travel Game – Here’s How You Can Too (And Why You’ll Love It)

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As a seasoned traveler who thrives on finding those back-road gems, budget-friendly escapes, and unknown travel tips/tricks, I understand the lure of a good travel upgrade.

Nothing quite hits the sweet spot of my travel brain like scoring an amazing deal, finding out secret travel hacks, or feeling like I am the first person to discover a new and incredible hidden gem.

That’s why I couldn’t be more excited about our latest move here at Travel Off Path!

Woman taking a selfie while traveling

After months of feedback from you, our trusted readers, we’ve finally launched Travel Off Path Premium!

My new favorite upgrade to my travels.

Daily travel deal drops, expert advice a click away, VIP content, and so much more! My travels will never be the same, and neither should yours.

Many of you are likely wondering, “What even IS Travel Off Path Premium”?

Great question! In essence, think of Travel Off Path Premium as the all-inclusive VIP section of your favorite travel website.

You get a ton of travel goodies, including:

  • No More Ads, All the Adventure: Say goodbye to ads and focus solely on finding your next dream destination – zero distractions.
  • Your Very Own Travel Guru: From figuring out where to stay in Bali to building a budget for your European escapade, your personal travel concierge is on call to answer all your questions. Trust me, as someone who once booked the WORST seat on the plane (no recline right next to the bathroom), this is worth its weight in gold!
  • The Savings!! Access to the Members-Only Travel Discount Card means major savings on hotels, restaurants, luggage, and more.
  • Top-Secret Deals UPDATED DAILY: Imagine waking up to mistake fares and limited-time offers. The Daily Deal delivers a dose of travel inspiration directly to you so you can snag the best prices.
  • Travel Buddies at Your Fingertips: Get insider knowledge, tips, and maybe even find your next travel partner in the exclusive community forum.
  • VIP Content: Travel Off Path Premium is your ticket to deeper dives into destinations, behind-the-scenes secrets, and even more detailed travel guides.
Travel Off Path Community Screenshot
Exclusive Travel Off Path Community Forum

Putting the “Me” in Membership

Now let's cut to the chase: why consider becoming a Travel Off Path Premium member?

Here's how it’s already made my travel life smoother:

  • Planning Made Easy: Between scoring a flight HALF OFF with the Daily Deal and having access to a travel concierge, my birthday trip to London is already halfway planned!
  • Travel Anxiety, NOPE: That lingering “did I book the right flight” dread? Gone. Expert advice means peace of mind.
  • Community is Key: Finding a group of travelers who were just as excited about travel cards and finding amazing off-the-beaten-path spots? Amazing!
Premium Daily Deal Preview
Daily Deals are one of my favorite parts of Premium!

So, Should You Go Premium?

Here's the deal:

  • If you want less hassle and more hand-holding while planning, Premium is worth considering.
  • If saving cash is king, the discounts and deals could easily offset the subscription cost.
  • If community is your jam, joining a group of like-minded adventurers is a huge plus.

Of course, if you aren't totally certain yet, the free version rocks too. You'll get access to the community and our twice weekly newsletter.

Travel Savings Card
Members-Only Travel Discount Card means major savings on hotels, restaurants, luggage, and more.

The Final Word

Travel Off Path Premium is like an upgrade to your favorite travel tool, putting a team of experts and serious savings in your pocket.

It won't magically teleport you to the Maldives (bummer, right?), but it could very well be the ticket to smoother, smarter, and more adventurous travels.

Want to give it a whirl? Check out Travel Off Path Premium for yourself, and let the adventure begin!

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