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Is TSA PreCheck Worth It For Travelers In 2024?

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Is TSA PreCheck still worth it for travelers going into 2024?

TSA PreCheck is a program that allows enrolled travelers to go through an expedited security line at more than 200 airports in the United States.

Woman rolling her suitcase in airport

In the PreCheck line, you don't have to worry about taking off your shoes, removing your laptop or other electronics from your bag, taking off your belt, and other security hassles.

The lines for PreCheck are also significantly shorter than regular security lines, with 99% of travelers waiting under 10 minutes.

However, the program reached 15 million members earlier this year. It also faces competition from similar programs such as CLEAR.

So is TSA PreCheck still a good option for travelers in 2024? Here's what you need to know!

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Worth It For Frequent Travelers

First things first, let's address the main question you might have — is TSA PreCheck worth the money and the time it takes to apply?

The answer is yes; it's most definitely worth it for frequent travelers in the United States!

If you only fly once or twice per year, it may not be worth the cost or the time you'll need to spend completing the application and enrollment interview.

Lake Oswego, OR, USA - Nov 2, 2021: A sign that advertises the TSA PreCheck enrollment service is seen outside an IdentoGO office. IdentoGO by IDEMIA provides identity-related services.

But if you fly more frequently, it is definitely worth it. As mentioned above, 99% of TSA PreCheck members wait in line for under 10 minutes. This is a huge time savings compared to waiting in the regular security line at most airports.

It also makes air travel a little more comfortable since you don't have to take off your shoes, belt, or light jacket or remove electronics and liquids from your bag.

Only $78 For 5 Years

Now let's talk about the cost. TSA PreCheck costs $78, but it's good for 5 years.

standard and tsa precheck queues at an airport

So basically you're paying $15.60 a year for the ability to wait in significantly shorter airport security lines and enjoy a less invasive experience.

Upon renewal, it's only $70 for the next 5 years.

Some credit cards even cover the cost of the TSA PreCheck application fee (check out some of our favorites!), so you could end up getting it for free if you're a cardholder with this benefit.

Traveler with credit card

New Airlines Recently Added

TSA PreCheck is constantly expanding. You can use your benefits at more than 200 airports across the United States and more than 90 airlines.

Just this week, TSA announced that four new airlines have been added to PreCheck.

If you're flying with one of the following airlines out of the United States, you'll now be able to use your TSA PreCheck benefits:

  • Norse Atlantic Airways
  • Lynx Air
  • Starlux Airlines
  • Fiji Airways
fiji airways plane flying overhead in blue sky

This is, of course, in addition to the 90+ airlines already covered by TSA PreCheck, including every major airline in the United States and abroad.

Better Option Than CLEAR

If you're still on the fence about whether TSA PreCheck is worth it, you may also be considering a popular alternative, which is the non-governmental program CLEAR.

This program has more than 17 million members, and it's similar to TSA PreCheck in that it lets you access an expedited security line at the airport.

However, you still have to remove your shoes, belt, electronics, liquids, and so on.

Clear sign with people in the background of airport

However, CLEAR costs $189 annually, so it's significantly more expensive than PreCheck. It's also only available at 54 airports in the United States, as opposed to the 200+ airports with PreCheck.

Recently, travelers with CLEAR have been complaining about extremely long waits in the designated CLEAR line — waits of more than an hour in a line that is supposed to be expedited.

This confirms that TSA PreCheck is likely the better option, giving you a lot more for a lot less money.

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Wednesday 27th of December 2023

It isn't as beneficial as it used to be. So many people have it now that the lines are not under 10 minutes as this article suggests. They are approaching 30 minutes at some airports. It should be made more expensive so that it is really an exclusive benefit for frequent travelers.


Tuesday 26th of December 2023

The statement about Clear customers still needing to remove belts, shoes, etc is not valid. I’ve seen the Clear customers get shuffled to the head of the TSA Pre Check line to cut in in front of TSA Pre Check customers and they don’t remove any of the aforementioned items. They use the same scanners as TSA Pre Check. If they are supposed to be flowing this process as noted - TSA is not following their processes.

Tyler Fox

Wednesday 27th of December 2023

Yn3wyatt, many Clear customers also have TSA Pre-Check since they compliment each other so well.

After the Clear kiosk, travelers who have Pre-Check will be brought to the front of that line, and those that don't will be brought to the front of normal security.

If they are not following this process, you are correct in that they are not following the proper process.