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Japan Airport Sets Up Cardboard Beds For Travelers Waiting For Test Results

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An airport in Japan is setting up cardboard beds in its baggage-claim area for passengers who have flown in and need to be quarantined while being tested for COVID-19.

Narita Airport reportedly created the makeshift lodging quarters in case nearby accommodations being used to house people waiting for results were full. Test results can come back between six hours and two days, given the number of delays due to increased testing, Reuters reported.

japanairport cardboard

Passengers “entering or returning to all regions” through the airport are forced to undergo testing before leaving the vicinity. They are also not allowed to use public transportation in Japan for 14 days, according to the airport’s website.

The temporary beds, which were developed for disasters, consists of a mattress and quilt that is placed on top of heavy-duty cardboard, Reuters reported.

cardboard bed

Still, the beds have not yet been needed. The major airport has closed or changed the operating hours of restaurants, shops and some bathrooms and information counters in response to the outbreak, according to its website.

Narita Airport has also shut down a runway and funneled some arrivals to specific terminals to “conduct the strengthened quarantine measures.”

As of Sunday, Japan had 6,748 confirmed cases, with 108 deaths.

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