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June Is The Cheapest Month For Americans To Fly To These 7 Sunny Destinations

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The worst thing about international travel, especially now that we’re entering peak season, is having to pay thousands of dollars on plane tickets alone – that puts a big dent in your vacation budget and often requires some sacrifices on the accommodation, food, or entertainment side of things, too.

Don’t take that as a given, though.

Woman walking the streets of Santorini

June is actually the cheapest time of year to travel to several of the world’s most gorgeous sunny hubs, and thanks to Skyscanner’s pricing tool, today, we’re discovering them all.

Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

Aerial view of Playa Dorada in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

First up, we have a Dominican Republic gem that has managed to fly under the radar for way too long – Puerto Plata.

All the postcard-looking beaches and indulgent resorts are doing the trick, though, since Americans are slowly but surely taking notice of the laid-back hub, and airlines, in return, are expanding their routes, giving us more schedule variety and lower prices in the process.

That’s why this June, you can fly to Puerto Plata and back for just $315, and considering these same exact tickets have gone for as much as $1027 in the past, that’s a steal!

Santorini, Greece

Panoramic view of Santorini

If there’s one thing I’ve realized during my years of travel, it’s that there’s no one in this world who hasn’t dreamed of a Greek island summer getaway at least once – and if you’re traveling all the way to Greece, you might as well experience one of its most iconic sights – the white stone houses of Santorini.

Don’t let the island’s luxurious vibe fool you, though.

In June, prices for round-trip tickets will start at just $560. 

This marks a whopping 67% decrease from the most expensive months, and with many hotels in the area being reasonably priced, too ($50-$120 a night), a budget-friendly Greek escape isn’t entirely out of the question.

Cagliari, Italy

Cagliari, Italy

Moving on to yet another Mediterranean hub, Cagliari promises visitors a tranquil beachy escape, winding cobblestone streets, and the freshest seafood you’ll ever try in your life.

Those of you planning to embark on your Italian getaway next month will be happy to learn that plane tickets start at just $625, so if you haven’t already, book those seats now!

Phu Quoc, Vietnam

Phu Quoc beach in Vietnam, Southeast Asia

Not too keen on the idea of a European city break?

Why not set your sights on Phu Quoc instead? Between all the palm-fringed beaches, otherworldly landscapes, and vibrant night markets, this criminally underrated Thai hub is the perfect summery escape.

Plane tickets to Phu Quoc are a bit pricier, at $979, but considering the fact that you’ll be traveling much farther and that you’d pay double that if you were to go most other times of the year, I’d say the current deal is not to be missed.

Izmir, Turkey

Aerial view of Ilica Beach near Izmir

Turkey has been all the rage lately, but while most eyes are turned toward Antalya or Bodrum, there’s one beachy gem that doesn’t get nearly as much coverage – Izmir.

Most people know of the city as a fascinating cultural hub, and few have gotten to actually take in its balmy weather and white-sanded beaches.

And now is the best time to change all that.

This June, return tickets will start at $616, so if you want to get the most bang for your buck, you’ll have to move quick.

Panama City, Panama

Aerial view of Panama City

Let’s go somewhere closer to home this time, and explore the beachy wonder that is Panama City. 

Whether you’re eager to see the historic landmarks, hike in the tropical rainforests, or just relax on the soft sands of Long Beach, you’ll only need to set aside $283 for travel this June, so chances are you’ll have plenty of budget leftover to experience exactly what you want.

Kingston, Jamaica

Kingston, Jamaica

The list wouldn’t be complete without a classic Caribbean hub, so Kingston, Jamaica, is here to help.

While Jamaica is mostly known for its north coast beaches, places like Fort Clarence and Dream Beach truly live up to the hype, too, and considering that you can get there and back for just $282, the entire experience becomes all that more worth it.

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Sunday 19th of May 2024

Would be nice to know from what city your flight prices originate. Because nothing on the West coast comes close to your prices.