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Nearly Half Of Americans Will Start Traveling Immediately Once Lockdown Is Lifted

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Americans are ready to get the heck out of home and hit the road again — even if they have to share their medical history to do it, two new surveys show.

Nearly half — 46% — of 30,787 Americans nationwidesurveyed by polling firm PiplSay said they will travel immediately after any lockdown is lifted. About a fifth, 19%, will wait two and six months and another 18% aren’t planning any travel.

Of the eager travelers-to-be, 52% are setting their sights on domestic trips — maybe because of plane contamination fears and the American preference for road trips, the numbers show. Only one in 10 will head abroad.

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A chunk of the respondents, 42%, will reconnect with loved ones after the stay-at-home orders are lifted, they told PiplSay, and 40% will hit the road for leisure; only 8% will travel for work.

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More than half, 53%, claim they trust the travel and hospitality industries to follow safety protocols post-lockdown.

In another survey, Global Rescue, a travel risk and crisis response provider, found that frequent travelers found “are willing to take several measures many would have once found objectionable,” including sharing personal medical history and itineraries.

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Nine out of 10 respondents told Global Rescue that they are willing to subject themselves to screening and testing; six out of 10 would be open to disclose medical conditions related to a compromised immune system; and roughly six out of 10 are willing to have their physical location tracked and traced with data temporarily retained.

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