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Netherlands Adds Restrictions For Vaccinated Americans, Bans Unvaccinated

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The Netherlands becomes the latest European nation to add new restrictions and entry rules for American tourists, following the advice by the EU council to remove the U.S. from the official safe list.

The new entry rules are a far cry from the extremely relaxed regulations that just came into effect in late June. When the U.S. was added to the EU’s safe list this summer, the Netherlands responded by allowing American tourists to arrive test-free and quarantine-free, regardless of vaccination status. This made the Netherlands one of the easiest destinations for American tourists this summer but now has become one of the most restricted as the U.S. is added to the Netherlands ‘Very High-Risk’ list.

netherlands bans unvaccinated USA

New Unvaccinated Rules

Unvaccinated tourists from the United States are the most affected by the updated rules, as entry for those not vaccinated will be banned starting September 4, 2021.

New Vaccinated Rules

While not an all-out ban, the new rules put forth by the Netherlands severely hinder entry for vaccinated tourists from the USA. Americans are still able to enter but will now face extremely strict entry rules that will leave many rebooking to a different country.

Starting September 4th, vaccinated Americans will have to quarantine for 10 days, of which a negative test on the 5th day may release them early.

In addition, starting on September 6, 2021 a negative test will also be required for entry, and proof of recovery for entry will be taken off the table. The test times are not easy to comply with, as they are asking for a PCR test within 48 hours or a 24-hour antigen type test. Children under 12 are exempt from both new rules.

September 4:

  • Unvaccinated Americans banned from entry
  • Vaccinated Americans will be required to quarantine for 10-days with an optional test to release on day 5

September 6

  • Vaccinated Americans will need to provide a negative test before entry (48-hour PCT or 24-hour antigen)

Other nations affected

The U.S isn’t the only nation being affected by the update. Israel, Kosovo, Montenegro, and North Macedonia have also been added to the “very high-risk list” starting September 4th.

How is the 10-Day Quarantine Enforced?

Any passenger entering from a very-high risk area will be required to quarantine for 10-days upon arrival. The official government site mentions this can be done at a private residence or hotel accommodation.

The site also mentions that phone checks will be done during your quarantine, of which failure to answer could result in a physical check, fines or penalties. Tourists will be obliged to leave the phone number of their hotel or accommodation for the phone checks, which will be begin shortly after arrival.

There is an option to end the 10-day quarantine by testing negative on Day 5 of isolation, but there are no clear instructions if tourists are permitted to leave quarantine for the purpose of visiting a testing center, or if only mobile testing services can be used.

What nations are still allowing American tourists?

Croatia is one of the most notable nations that has publicly declared they will not be taking the advice of the EU and will still allow American tourists to visit, with a variety of entry options. Ireland is another country that has recently stated tourists from the United States will still be welcome to visit.

Some additional European nations that have not yet removed the USA include: Portugal, Spain, Iceland, Greece, and France.

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Saturday 4th of September 2021

This is so stupid on so many levels. As a Canadian I'm grateful I'm able to travel to the Netherlands (which I'm doing from Italy today) but the rules literally make no sense and are far from scientific. And the pain businesses suffer from it far outweighs any so-called risk. Poverty is the world's biggest killer and this certainly creates poverty.

Meanwhile, it's super confusing. There are literally no testing requirements or vaccines mandatory for entry from most other 1st world countries. I love the Netherlands, but like all other governments in the world, they're control freaks who pretend to be scientists and they're hurting millions of people.

So sick of this nonsense. This will never end until people make it end.


Friday 3rd of September 2021

It's clear this nonsense will never end as covid is endemic and will forever mutate. International tourism is dead for atleast a decade or longer. The hysteria and overreaction from the great reset following countries is dystopian stuff


Friday 3rd of September 2021

Just wait until you have to get endless "boosters" in order to go anywhere...carrot and stick, people. Carrot and stick...


Saturday 4th of September 2021

@Liberty, Yeah, it's the epitome of never ending tyranny based in fear and propaganda. And the majority of people appear to understand this yet it continues.


Friday 3rd of September 2021

Stupid, stupider, Covid bans. What utter nonsense. Force quarantine on entirely healthy AND vaccinated people that are ALSO tested, all for a virus with 99.5% survival rate. Really? And you wannabe leaders seriously think this is in any way proportionate? What the hell are they all going to do if something actually dangerous ever us unleashed on the world?