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New Direct Flights To Cancun Announced From U.S. and Canada

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New direct flights to Cancun from the U.S. and Canada have been announced as the city continues to dominate tourism in North America.

It seems while most of the world's tourism economy continues to struggle, Cancun continues to defy the odds. The tourism industry in the tropical destination continues to rebound to the point where almost every other week, news is being released of more flights, higher passengers numbers and increased hotel capacity. 

Cancun Beach

According to Riviera Maya News, Cancun International Airport managing company ASUR has announced several direct new flights from both the United States and Canada. 

From Canada to Cancun

Sunwing has announced direct flights resuming from Toronto to Cancun beginning on November 7th that will run every Saturday and Sunday. 

WestJet and Air Canada already fly direct from cities like Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, and Calgary in November. Starting in December smaller airports like Kelowna, Edmonton, Halifax, and Regina join in with direct Cancun flights.

Sunwing airline

From the United States To Cancun

United Airlines will start a Cleveland to Cancun non-stop flight beginning on December 19th running every Saturday. 

Southwest Airlines will launch its very first international flight from Nashville (excluding Canada) since than pandemic began back in March with Cancun being the chosen destination. 

The non-stop flights will run from Nashville International Airport on Saturdays starting November 7th. 

Every airline in the U.S. is offering direct Cancun flights from almost every major city. At this point, it would actually be hard to find an area of the states that doesn't fly directly into Cancun.

united airlines plane

Cancun International Airport is already averaging almost 200 incoming flights per day bringing millions of tourists since the city reopened for tourism on June 8th, 2020. 

Cancun has quickly become one of the most well connected holiday destinations in North America during the pandemic with direct flights from almost every major city in Canada and the United States. 

Passenger Numbers Continue To Rebound In Cancun

According to ASUR, the Cancun international airport has already recovered 58.1% of its passenger traffic when comparing October 2020 to October 2019.

Swing over sea in cancun

Cancun Passenger Numbers

In May of this year when the pandemic first began, passenger traffic at the Cancun International Airport dropped to 48,500 people. 

By October over 1 million passengers passed through the airport. 

Passenger numbers have been steadily increasing since the reopening and Cancun is just beginning its high season. 

2020 Passenger Traffic at The Cancun International Airport

  • May: 48,610
  • June: 175,419
  • July: 617,032
  • August: 819,365
  • September: 853, 837
  • October: 1,010,736

According to tourism analytics, hotel occupancy in September was only down 33.9% when compared to 2019.

While any other year that might be a sharp decrease but in the middle of a worldwide pandemic, the numbers are astounding compared to other top destinations around the world that are still in complete lockdown or have failed to recover much of their tourism base.

tourists tanning in cancun

With Mexico leading the list of top 2020 holiday destinations for Americans, Cancun will continue to see an increase in tourism over the winter as it heads into high season. 

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Daniel Perry

Sunday 15th of November 2020

This is perfect! Right as the second wave of a pandemic hits. Great reporting too. "Hey everyone - go to Cancun, unlike Canada and the USA, covid won't get you in Cancun."


Yadira Vasquez

Friday 13th of November 2020

I was in cancun for 18 day's from September 9th. They have their act together unlike us(USA). Got through 1 tropical storm and 1 hurricane. Loved it, got the best service ever at Omni Cancun.

Kashlee Kucheran

Saturday 14th of November 2020

SO good to hear you had a great time in Cancun!