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New “Swastika” Ride At German Amusement Park Shut Down

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Rides are meant to thrill and scare us but one ride in Germany has accidentally made a huge design blunder. Come on, how did no one notice? 

An amusement park in Germany was forced to close their new ride ‘Eagle Fly' after people said it looked like “flying swastikas”.

The ride, which opened in July at the “Tatzmania” theme park in Loffingen, features one long arm with two spinning carriages at each end. When the carriages spin in rotation they form the shape of a swastika. 

It was only when a video of the ride was posted online that people started noticing an uncomfortable resemblance to the symbol – best known as a sinister emblem of the German Nazi forces in the early 20th century.

The first person to notice the design flaw was actually the amusement park owner Rüdiger Braun.

Once he saw the sign in the skies, he grounded the ride immediately and will wait for it to be redesigned before reopening. 

ride closed
Mr Braun looks at the ride in question. (Photo: SWR)

He told SWR: “I'd like to stress how sorry we are to anyone who has felt at all insulted or disturbed by this design.”

The ride will be redesigned to make it more appropriate.

In Germany, Nazi symbols and propaganda such as swastikas are illegal under the German Criminal Code section 86a.

It states that the “use of symbols of unconstitutional organisations” is banned, with punishments up to three years.

Historically, the swastika has meant many things to different cultures. In Hinduism and Buddhism it's a symbol of divinity.

However, in Western culture it remains synonymous with the actions of the German Nazi party during World War II and seen as a symbol of hate. 

onlookers ride shut down
People at the ride. (Photo: SWR)

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