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Now Is The Cheapest Time To Fly To These 3 Sunny U.S. Destinations

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It can be hard seeing what seems like everyone you know flaunting their sunny overseas vacations on social media while you’re still struggling to cope with the cold, bitter winter that has descended upon most of the U.S.

One major mistake we make as we long for that tropical holiday that’s never going to happen is that we overlook the many warm hotspots that can be found just a short drive or flight away.

aerial view of Miami, Florida

In fact, 3 gorgeous warm-weathered destinations right here in North America are currently experiencing record-low airfare rates that start at just about $40, giving even the most budget-conscious travelers the opportunity to escape the frigid cold this winter.

Skyscanner’s price comparison tool shows that now is the cheapest time to fly to Miami, San Diego, and Phoenix.

Miami, Florida

The “Magic City” has always been a favorite among sun-seekers looking to keep their travels domestic, and, as it happens, those looking to discover or re-experience the allure of some of North America’s best beaches will find now to be the best time to do just that.

walkway to South Beach, Florida

This February, return tickets from several U.S. airports to Miami are set to start at $39.8, meaning that your travel budget for your warm-weathered holiday will probably cost you less than your favorite pair of jeans.

In comparison, those who went to the Floridian city during the festive season in December saw tickets that started at $165, which, while not particularly expensive, is still a lot for a domestic trip, especially when you consider how drastically the prices have dropped now that we’ve entered the new year.

Miami airport

Not only is now the cheapest time to fly to Miami, but I’d argue that thanks to the mild climate the city enjoys during January and February, those currently traveling there will find that the overall atmosphere is ideal as well.

The pleasant temperatures that range between the mid-60s and the mid-70s are still warm enough for a nice mid-day swim session while still allowing you to take in the local views and attractions without having to stop and cool off every two minutes.

San Diego, California

For those who want to stick to a 40$ airfare budget but prefer a more family-friendly destination, San Diego is the perfect choice.

downtown San Diego

What’s more, considering that plane tickets from most U.S. states to the Californian hotspot can start at $210 during peak season, choosing to travel now means you’ll be paying a whopping 425% less and saving $170 on transportation costs alone – money that can be spent on three children day passes for the iconic San Diego Zoo.

Beyond the unique animal sightings, travelers coming to San Diego in February will also be able to enjoy the sun-sanded beaches while it’s still bearable to bask under the Californian sun for hours on end, explore the gorgeous Balboa Park, or spend their nights at the famous Gaslamp Quarter.

green trees at balboa park san diego

Phoenix, Arizona

Last but certainly not least, we have Phoenix, Arizona.

What the city lacks in beachy allure, it more than makes up for with its unparalleled Sonoran desert beauty, idyllic lake views, and the kind of paradisic weather you’ve probably been dreaming of for months now.


Those visiting Phoenix this February will not only be able to stick to a $40-per-person travel budget but also make the biggest savings since similar flights scheduled in December are priced at over $220.

By scheduling your trip now, you’re not only going to escape the freezing temperatures back home but also be able to take in some of the most unique views in all of the U.S. – those of the breathtaking Sonoran Desert.

Desert botanical garden, Arizona

Here, you can marvel at the saguaro cacti and endemic fauna or even take some time to explore the Desert Botanical Garden, which gives you more insight into the local ecosystem and why it’s one of the most fascinating wonders you can explore in all of North America.

Those planning to spend most of their days away from the desert can still hike, climb, or enjoy the thriving cultural scene that the Arizonan city is known for.

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