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Our Personal Response to the Coronavirus

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The world has been a fast-changing place lately.

Many people have been inquiring on what our next step is, especially being abroad while news of the virus seems to expand by the minute.

Having a travel blog with 2,000,000 readers means that we do have a moral obligation to not only be transparent, but to also lead by example. Because of this, we’ve decided to take more serious steps to return to Canada as soon as possible.

Our New Plan:

After the Government of Canada made their Level 3 ‘Avoid All Non-Essential Travel’, we knew that it was a call we had to answer.

Trevor and I have decided to change our original flights (which were scheduled in April) and secure one of the soonest flights we can back to Canada. If all goes as planned, we will be travelling within the next 4 days from Mexico to Canada.

Once we arrive in the Okanagan, we will be self-isolating for 14 days, as instructed by the Government of Canada. Although we are coming from an area with 0 cases and we are not sick, we know this is a very important step to protect our more vulnerable in Canada.

What Changed:

I have recently had a major change of heart.

I have to admit that at first, I believed this was completely over-hyped, over-exaggerated and something that would soon blow over. I didn’t realize the magnitude of the situation, nor how quickly it could spin out of control.

After watching what happened in Italy, it began to don on me just how fast things could change, and how much the virus can impact our elderly and more vulnerable.

It is very easy to be naïve in Mazatlán, Mexico.

Since this all started at the beginning of 2020, Mazatlán has been almost like an ‘island’ compared to the rest of the world. Even as I am writing this, the shelves are fully stocked with toilet paper and hand sanitizer, people are calm and smiling in the streets, and life looks pretty dang normal. Since I have been living every day in this sunny, tranquil, and completely chill environment, it was easier for me to brush off the virus as an outside problem.

However, it would be incredibly ignorant of me to believe that Mazatlán will continue to be such a safe-haven as the virus continues to spread worldwide. Going on the latest official data from the CDC, every city and country should be taking serious measure to ensure the safety of its citizens.

The travel advisory from our government mixed together with a responsibility to lead by example and personal wellbeing, we made the decision to treat this with a new degree of seriousness and return to Canada ASAP.

I personally urge all travelers, whether you are my travel blogging peers, or just world wanderers, to return to wherever it is you call home. Upon your arrival, please take self-isolation protocols seriously in order to keep those around you safe, even if you’ve not been to an infected area.

This is larger than our blogs, larger than our hard-earned vacations, and definitely larger than taking advantage of cheap travel deals and empty attractions. In order for the world to be able to once again travel and enjoy tourism, we first have to stop the spread and recover. Let’s all press the pause button and do what is right for all of humanity, especially for those who are higher at risk.

When the coronavirus becomes something we all triumph over, there will be lots of new travel plans and adventures to go around. But for now, let’s all just help one another and stay home.

Carmen Hunter

Monday 16th of March 2020

Great article. Safe travels to you both xx


Sunday 15th of March 2020

Love it! We will take care of Mazatlán for you!!!


Sunday 15th of March 2020

KUDOS to you both for being such wonderful examples. As you said not you are not travelling from and infected area but you may pass through areas of infection. Hoping everything goes smoothly for you both. :)