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Photos Capture Empty Streets As The World’s in Lockdown

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Never before in history have we seen the streets of cities on every continent across the globe almost completely empty.

With the entire planet doing their part and staying home to flatten the curve, eerie photos are starting to pop up of once crowded and bustling streets, now deserted.

As people get out of the house to take essential trips to get supplies and food, it’s almost impossible to not snap a quick photo of the empty streets.

These candid shots have been taken by the people who live inside these now seemingly abandon cities.

Denver, Colorado 

photo by: @fairysage_

Even though Denver's cases are starting to level off, a stay at home order has been extended until April 30th. 

Seattle, Washington 

photo by: Jenna Martin

Pike Place Market is usually crawling with people. Around 10 million visitors per year head down to this popular tourist attraction in Seattle, but now not a soul can been found. 

Calgary, Alberta

photo by: Jaclyn Pearce

The city of Calgary looks rather deserted these days as citizens are asked to stay home. As spring-time usually encourages Western Canadians to head to the great outdoors, special announcements have been made asking residents to cancel all camping trips as well. 

Zurich, Switzerland

photo by: Daniela Lorenz

While the Swiss have been staying at home, the government has already announced the ‘lockdown exit plan‘. Starting April 27th they plan to re-open shops like salons and hairdressers, May 11th  schools and universities, and June 8th bars and restaurants. 

Glasgow, Scotland

photo by: @ainysadventures

In recent years Glasgow has been enjoying record-breaking numbers of visitors, but for now the streets remain vacant. 

New York City, New York

photo by: @adina_klein

NYC has the highest population density of any city in the US, but you wouldn't know it in these moments. The streets of New York City are hauntingly empty, almost like something you would see in a movie. 

Lisbon, Portugal

photo by: @jenfrye

While Portugal has 90% less cases than hard-hit neighbouring Spain, the country is not looking to lift lockdown restrictions just yet. 

Ghent, Belgium 

photo by: Hannah Gillis

The canals that are usually filled with pedestrians in Ghent are now stark due to lockdown measures. Belgium just extended only essential movements until May 3rd, keeping non-essential businesses and schools closed. 

Dallas, Texas

Dallas has the 7th largest metro population in all of the USA, but it looks like an abandon city without cars and pedestrians on the streets. 

Paris, France

photo by: @marvisantosh

An empty Parisian street with the arc du triomphe in the background is a near impossible shot to capture, except during lockdown. 

Chicago, Illinois


photo by: Magdalena Kowalczyk

Chicago residents are still in lockdown as the city tries to flatten the curve. In 2018 Chicago attracted a record breaking number of 58 million tourists, yet 2020 will only see a small fraction of that. 

Marrakesh, Morocco  

photo by: @morocco_pictures

Cities in Morocco have started using their loudspeaker systems usually reserved for Ramadan, to play messages urging people to stay home. 

Rotterdam, Netherlands

photo by: @fitbyhabit

On a normally busy day, this shot of the empty Willemsbrug bridge is quite challenging to capture. 

San Diego, California 

photo by: Susan M. Stocker

Old Town San Diego usually draws hundreds of thousands of tourists a year, but is now completely closed and vacant. 

Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh is looking pretty empty these days since more than 90 per cent of the city is staying at home during the lockdown, according to an app that tracks user behaviour.

It looks very different from when we were there last and wrote our guide “12 Best Things To Do in Edinburgh”

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Photos Capture Empty Streets As The World’s in Lockdown

Tourism brought Philadelphia over $7 billion in revenues last year, but now there isn't a tourist in sight. Residents are staying home and only leaving for essential shops. 

Palm Springs, California

photo by: @xmeza8

Palm Springs is usually bustling with visitors at this time of year for Coachella music festival, but is now quiet and clear. 

Vienna, Austria

Austria was one of the first acting countries to impose lockdowns on citizens, but is starting to reopen smaller shops like garden centres and hardware stores. For now, wearing a mask outside is still a requirement and the streets are relatively unfilled. 

Las Vegas, Nevada

photo by: @litlmisspaige

Even in the spring, Vegas would normally see an average of 3.5 million tourists per month, but that number has now virtually gone down to ZERO. 

Madrid, Spain

photo by: @spainlesstraveled

Spain has been the 2nd hardest hit country in the world for the virus. While some sectors are seeing loosening in lockdown rules, most citizens are staying home and only leaving for essential supply runs. 

Beverly Hills, California

photo by: Kimberly Gonzalez

Almost 8 million tourists per year flock to shop and spot stars in Beverly Hills, but right now it looks more like a ghost town movie set.

Cusco, Peru

photo by: Elisa Rodriqguez

Elisa who snapped this picture while outside for supplies talked about how she felt fortunate to be in Peru during covid. She mentioned that there is a 4pm curfew, shops take the temperatures of people, and groceries are very well stocked. 

Nashville, Tennessee 

photo by: Shanda McMillen

Not only is Nashville the music capital of the US, but it's now become the bachelorette party capital as well…but not right now. Party time has been put on hold while residents stay home to do their part. 

Winnipeg, Manitoba

photo by: Kayla Whyte

Downtown Winnipeg is usually filled with rush hour traffic and business professionals heading to the office, but is now chillingly desolate.

Phoenix, Arizona

This city of 1.65 million people looks stark, especially with snowbirds returning home early. 

Note: Please don't go outside with the intention to just to take photos of empty streets. 

Stay home, wash your hands, and smile! We will all be outside together again soon.

Stella Wilson

Wednesday 22nd of April 2020

The empty roads look just fabulous. All the photos are amazing.