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Puerto Vallarta Reopening Malecon Restaurants on Monday

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After more than seven weeks of being closed, the restaurants on the Malecon in Puerto Vallarta will reopen their doors on Monday after reaching an agreement with the municipal government.

Puerto Vallarta Reopening Malecon Restaurants

Despite the reopening, the boardwalk will continue to be closed to the public until the Federal or State Government announces the new provisions.

Last week, the members of the Association of Restaurants, Bars, and Shops of the Malecon, asked the municipal government to reopen this central area of ​​the city, because after its closure there had been large losses exceeding $900 millions of pesos.

On Friday, the city agreed that starting Monday, May 25, access will be allowed for these businesses, which within federal and state decrees are considered essential, and that until this date they had remained inactive due to the closure of the Malecon.

Puerto vallarta malecon shops

Councilor Guadalupe Guerrero Carvajal, president of the Commission of Tourism and Economic Development, held a meeting with representatives of this union, in which the options were discussed so that these businesses located on the Malecon could resume their activities.

BUsy PV malecon during the day

It was determined that only one access point to the restaurants will be opened, while the rest of the boardwalk will continue to be closed.

malecon in puerto vallarta with palm trees

On Friday, officials from the different areas of the City Council met and made a tour of the area to define the viability of this proposal, agreeing that it will be from this Monday when a section from Uno de Octubre to El Faro (points that will serve as access), which will be duly delimited and the rest of the boardwalk and the intersections will be cordoned off and closed.

Puerto Vallarta aerial view

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