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2500 Cancun Hotels and Restaurants Prepare For Tourists With Health Certification

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2500 Cancun hotels, restaurants and tour operators have been certified under new strict health measures set out by the government for when the city officially reopened to tourism on June 8th.

Marisol Vanegas Pérez, head of the Ministry of Tourism, stated that they expected 1,600 companies to register to obtain the badge, however, three days after being launched the figure is almost twice the expected number.

Before the certification can be  rewarded, applications are being evaluated to determine if they meet the requirements to operate.

cancun ocean front hotel on white sand beach

The Ministry of Tourism foresees that certifications will start to be delivered in a matter of days. As long as the business meets the established criteria set out by officials, the certification is rewarded and the entire process can be completed online free of charge. 

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“A company that is prepared, and prior with its certifications, such as H Hotel and Krystal, could takes around two days to obtain this new health security badge,” Vanegas Perez explained.

Companies must first register on the website, carry out the health and sanitation protocols included in the information; and wait for the ruling and verification by health and tourism authorities.

And then, the “Certification of Health Protection and Prevention in Tourist Facilities” is given to the company that has complied with all requirements.

Once all requirements have been met, the “Certification of Health Protection and Prevention in Tourist Facilities” is rewarded to the company.

Ocean Front Hotel In Cancun

The certification will expire at the end of 2020 and companies will have to reapply again with Ministry of Tourism for 2021.

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Major hotel chains in Cancun have already announced new health and safety procedures at their resorts. 

In the case of the Hard Rock Hotel, they have implemented their new SAFE + SOUND program, which features new policies such as eliminating the buffet, as well as the reorganization of the facilities so that guests keep a distance of two meters each other at all times.

hard rock hotel cancun

Grupo Xcaret has implemented a new Covid-19 prevention system called Xeguridad 360, which will begin to be applied in the Xcaret park and Hotel Xcaret México, starting on June 15 when they reopen.

xcaret lagoon

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