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Ride The Yukon Striker – The Largest and Fastest Dive Roller Coaster

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Below is your chance to ride the Yukon Striker in a simulation before its grand opening in the spring of 2019 at Canada's Wonderland. Canada will now have the bragging rights to the fastest, longest and tallest dive coaster in the world! 

Ride The Yukon Striker

Yukon Striker Roller Coaster Features

Visitors to Canada's Wonderland who choose to ride the Yukon Striker are going to be treated to  jaw-dropping features that are guaranteed for maximum screams! 

The coaster features floorless, stadium seating for the ultimate view during the thrill ride. One of the most hair raising moments will be the ‘Hold and Dive'. This is when the Yukon Striker will pause for 3 seconds at the very top before releasing the coaster down its main drop at a 90 degree angle. The coaster will then speed into an underwater tunnel at mind boggling 130 km/h  (80mph).

The ride will last 3 minutes, 25 seconds and span across 3625 feet (1105 meters). Thrill seekers who ride the Yukon striker will be treated to 4 inversions and a complete 360 degree loop which has never been seen on a dive coaster before. 


Ticket Pricing To Ride The Yukon Striker

To ride the Yukon Striker visitors will have to buy a day admission to Canada's Wonderland. 

Admission Costs

Single Day Admission: $52.99

Junior and Senior Admission: $39.99

After 4:00 pm Admission: $36.99

Top Travel Tip: How to Skip The Line for Rides at Canada's Wonderland

Ensure to purchase the Fast Lane Plus to avoid long lines! This pass is good for all 24 rides including unlimited rides on all the large roller coasters. Ensure to pre-purchase admission tickets online as they are cheaper than paying at the gate. 

Prices in CDN before taxes and service fees. Current as of August 15, 2018

Let us know below if you are brave enough to ride the Yukon Striker!