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Sayulita Beach Under Permanent Sanitary Surveillance to Prevent Sickness

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April 18, 2019

UPDATE: The upgraded wastewater treatment plant and emissor pipe project in Sayulita have been completed. The government of Nayarit also tested the water quality and the latest test results showed between 10 and 20 NMP / 100 ml enterococci, which is well below the 200 NMP / 100 ml limit set by the government for safe swimming.

With good maintenance, this newly upgraded plant will serve Sayulita for the next 25 years as the population continues to grow. The government is now overseeing the management of the plant, so there will be regular inspections and upkeep.


April 17, 2019

UPDATE:  The Ministry of Health of the Government of Mexico, through the Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks , reports that the “Sayulita Beach” in the State of Nayarit, is under sanitary surveillance and is considered suitable for recreational use this holiday period.

The levels of Enterococci present in the sea water are less than 10-20 NMP per 100 milliliters of water. The findings are below the maximum limits set out by the WHO of 200 NMP per 100 milliliters of water. 

"With the most recent laboratory analysis, carried out in seawater in the 269 beaches of the 17 coastal States, which include the main tourist destinations in the country, 100% of the beaches are suitable for recreational use on these holidays."

April 15, 2019

Sayulita, Mexico — The Ministry of Health of the Government Mexico, through the Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks has reported that Sayulita Beach in the Bay of Banderas is under permanent sanitary surveillance to help prevent sickness

Out of the 269 beaches tested in the report for the upcoming Holy Week holiday, 268 beaches were found to be suitable for recreational use. The only beach not included was Sayulita, as results were not available given that it's under sanitary surveillance. 

Sayulita Beach Under Sanitary Surveillance to Prevent Sickness

The health authority analyzed over 1600 samples of water from all the main tourist beaches in Mexico. The samples were used to indicate if any of the beaches could represent a potential health issue to visitors. In accordance with the World Health Organization, Beaches could pose a potential risk to tourists if the water reaches 200 Enterococci per 100 milliliters. Enterococci are indicators of the presence of fecal matter in water which could mean the possible presence of disease-causing bacteria and viruses. The results for Sayulita Beach have not been released.

Is Sayulita Beach Open?

Sayulita beach remains open to the public at this time and no formal announcements have been reported on any impending closures. View the live beach webcam.

It should be noted that the quality of water in tourist centers is a primary factor to ensure the protection of the health of users, which is why the health authority carries out these tests since 2003 with a preventive approach.

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"Sayulita Sickness" on Trip Advisor

According to Trip Advisor in the last month, 29 out of the 46 reviews are written by visitors complaining of illnesses allegedly caused by visiting the popular surf town of Sayulita. 

The following reviews are the subjective opinion of a TripAdvisor members and not of Travel Off Path or it's employees. 

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Sayulita Sickness 2

Sayulita Improving Infrastructure and Sanitizing Streets

According to an unconfirmed report by Sayulita Life, many initiatives are already happening in Sayulita to improve sanitation and infrastructure. The website explains that an exponential growth in tourism resulted in an overwhelmed sewer system. The outdated treatment plant, pumps and sewer lines could not keep up with demand resulting in spills that happened up until two years ago. Improvements to the plants, pumps and lines have since been completed and the final phase of the infrastructure project has begun. A new underwater emissor pipe is being installed that will dump treated waste water 2.3 km out to sea negating the need to dump waste water into the river bed. 

New emissor pipe being installed in Sayulita - Photo Credit: Sayulita Life

In a continued effort to stop the spread of illness, all city streets are being pressure washed with chlorinated water. The non-profit organization Grupo Pro Sayulita has lead the clean up and has relied on private funding. 

Sayulita Cleans Street with Chlorinated water
Street pressure washing with chlorinated water in Sayultia - Photo Credit: Grupo Pro Sayulita

Have you been to Sayulita recently? Let us know by commenting below! 

Will Maddigan

Monday 15th of April 2019

I was in Sayulita for 5 weeks this winter. I got sick for 1 full day. I thought that was pretty good for Mexico. I think it was the chicken. When I left it looked like they were well on their way to completing the improvements to the system. Looking forward to returning next year.