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Slovenia Reopens To Unvaccinated Tourists

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Slovenia is one of Europe’s most underrated countries, and it has just reopened to vaccinated and unvaccinated travelers today. 

The country will now permit entry to travelers that meet various requirements, including vaccination, PCR tests, and proof of recovery from COVID-19. The nation has scrapped its traffic light system and called an end to the epidemic today. 

slovenia reopen

This news adds another possible destination for North American travelers this summer. It’s a destination that’s easily accessible via Italy and Croatia and a destination with stunning historic architecture and natural beauty throughout its luscious landscapes. 

The Entry Requirements 

Travelers may enter Slovenia if they meet one of the following requirements. 

  1. A negative PCR test

Travelers can enter Slovenia if they have a negative PCR test from the following nations:

  • EU member states 
  • USA
  • The U.K.
  • Canada
  • Israel 
  • Australia 
  • Serbia
  • New Zealand 
  • Russia 
  1. A negative RAT test 

Travelers can enter if they have a negative RAT result, which is not older than 48 hours. However, the test must be from the following countries:

  • EU member states 
  • USA
  • The U.K.
  • Canada
  • Israel 
  • Australia 
  • Serbia
  • New Zealand 
  • Russia 
Ljubljana - Slovenia (Church and river Ljubljanica)
  1. A certificate of recovery 

Travelers can enter if they have a full recovery certificate, but it must not be younger than ten days or older than six months. In addition, the certificate must come from the following countries: 

  • EU member states 
  • USA
  • The U.K.
  • Canada
  • Israel 
  • Australia 
  • Serbia
  • New Zealand 
  • Russia 
  1. Evidence of vaccination 

Travelers must show evidence of vaccination. As you’d probably expect by now, there is some red tape around the vaccines. Nevertheless, Slovenia has permitted the following vaccines for entry:

  • Pfizer/BioNTech – Travelers must have waited seven days after their second dose of this vaccine to enter 
  • AstraZeneca – Travelers must wait 21 days after their first dose of this vaccine to gain entry 
  • Johnson & Johnson – Travelers must wait 14 days after their first dose of Johnson & Johnson to gain entry 
  • Moderna – Travelers must wait 14 days since their second dose of this vaccine to gain entry 
slovenia open for tourism

Slovenia accepts other vaccines, including Chinese manufactured vaccines. You can read more about these vaccines on their tourism site.

In addition, travelers will need to provide their vaccination proof via a filled-in card from a vaccine producer, an entry in a vaccine booklet, or a certificate of vaccination. 

If travelers meet any of the above requirements, they can skip 10-day quarantine and enjoy their time in Slovenia. If not, they’ll have to quarantine for 10-days on arrival. 

Slovenia has reopened for tourism

The Current Restrictions Inside Slovenia 

Slovenia has dropped almost all of its restrictions within the country. That’s excellent news for travelers because they can enjoy 100% capacity events at sports and musical events.

Slovenia has also removed its mask mandate for most of the country, including within restaurants, hotels, cultural events, and indoor fairs. 


Slovenia’s decision to end almost all legal restrictions is similar to the U.K’s decision to drop all restrictions on Monday. Europe is seeing rising cases of the Delta Variant.

As a result, various countries are adding entry restrictions, and increasing restrictions inside the country. For example, Spain has reintroduced curfews in certain areas at night time. But Slovenia is going the opposite way.

Slovenia has kept cases low throughout the pandemic, recording 4,425 deaths and 250,000 cases. The nation kept cases extremely low when the pandemic started and was quick to close its border.

The reality that the country remains an under-rated tourism destination and not a global hub – unlike London or Paris – has helped keep cases down (especially in early 2020.)

National Gallery of Slovenia

Slovenia is an excellent destination. The capital city of Ljubljana is quaint, historic, and charming. The nation also has excellent outdoor hikes and scenery. If you’re traveling to Europe, you could add a break in Slovenia to your itinerary.


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Paul F. Davis

Sunday 6th of February 2022

Thank you Slovenia. I look forward to leaving America, which still is lodged deep in the belly of the pharma beast controlling its media and "health" policy to maximize profitability and sell vaccine$ endlessly.

Paul F. Davis - author of "Conquering COVID-19"


Sunday 18th of July 2021

I love Slovenia. It’s a beautiful country, with amazing natural and friendly people. This is wonderful news, for me, as I have vacation time coming up and I need somewhere to go, that’s not being ridiculous.


Saturday 17th of July 2021

Good move Slovenia! Just following the steps of Singapore, UK and Sweden. Somehow I don't see their entire population eradicated from the face of earth.


Friday 16th of July 2021

Travelers from Pakistan are allowed to enter Slovenia as a tourist?


Friday 16th of July 2021

Excellent indeed, it's a beautiful country!