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The Government of Canada Has Issued a Travel Advisory For Iran

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The Canadian Government has officially issued a travel advisory for Iran. The warning states to avoid non-essential travel due to the volatile security situation, the regional threat of terrorism and the risk of arbitrary detention.

Canadians, particularly dual Canadian-Iranian citizens, are at risk of being arbitrarily questioned, arrested and detained. Iran does not recognize dual nationality and Canada will not be granted consular access to dual Canadian-Iranian citizens. Canadian-Iranian dual citizens should carefully consider the risks of travelling to Iran

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A level 4 warning “Do Not Travel” remains in place for areas around the borders with Afghanistan and Iraq.

Avoid all travel to the province of Sistan-Baluchistan, which borders Pakistan, and to within 20 km of the border with Afghanistan, due to ethnic conflicts and the risk of kidnapping and terrorist attacks.

Avoid all travel to the area within 10 km of the border with Iraq, due to ongoing conflict in that country and cross-border ethnic conflicts.


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Another recent update to the official Government of Canada website included the American airstrike near Baghdad International Airport.

"The incident has led to increased tensions in the region. There is an increased threat of attacks against Western interests and of terrorist attacks in general. Violent demonstrations could occur in the coming days. The security situation could worsen with little warning"

The advisory suggest the following actions if you are traveling in Iran:

  • be very cautious
  • review your security measures
  • avoid all demonstrations and large gatherings
  • monitor local media
  • follow the instructions of local authorities
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The Government of Canada warns that there is no resident Canadian government office in the country. The ability of Canadian officials to provide consular assistance is extremely limited.

"Canadians in Iran may be closely watched by Iranian authorities. Seemingly innocuous behaviours, such as the use of cameras in public places, travel beyond well-established tourist attractions or casual interactions with Iranian friends, may be misinterpreted and may lead to investigation."

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