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The Top 5 Cities For A Digital Detox According To New Study

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It’s not uncommon in today’s society to find ourselves glued to our phones. So one of the trendiest ways to travel in 2023 is to take a break from the digital world. 

Whether it's TikTok, Instagram, or the latest AI app, most of us are guilty of too much screen time.

Woman looking at sunset in prague

That is why popular travel insurance company, InsureMyTrip, put together the top cities in the world to unplug for a digital detox getaway.

What Factored Into The Study?

InsureMyTrip took into consideration many different metrics to ensure they put together a legitimate list of the best destinations possible for a digital detox.

These were the metrics used:

  • Relaxation
  • Activities
  • Safety
  • Internet Access
female traveler with phone

To determine what factors into the best places to relax, InsureMyTrip looked at a variety of aspects.

For instance, crowded streets in a highly populated city can create a lot of stress to navigate through popular sightseeing areas.

Especially when we all have the temptation to reach into our pockets to grab our smartphones.

InsureMyTrip also looked at how many activities certain places have to distract tourists from perusing social media and how safe places are to avoid having to use a phone.

Lastly, the insurance brokerage factored in how accessible the internet is across the globe. The lack of wifi means less phone use for travelers.

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traveler on beach with iPad

Each destination was given a score on a scale of 1 through 10. The score is based on each metric combined. 

InsureMyTrip relied on sources from the following reputable companies to come up with their scores:

  • TomTom
  • City Population
  • Google Maps
  • Pedestrian First
  • Viator
  • Numbeo

These are the top 5 cities in the world for a digital detox:

5- Copenhagen, Denmark – Score of 7.53

The top 5 cities all happen to be in Europe. Copenhagen comes in ranked at #5, mostly due to its lack of public internet access. 

Copenhagen Denmark buildings

Surprisingly, the beautiful Denmark capital shares the same score as off-path places such as Accra, Ghana and Johannesburg, South Africa in terms of wi-fi scarcity. 

4- Lisbon, Portugal – Score of 7.58

Ranking #4 is the picturesque city of Lisbon in the wondrous country of Portugal. Having some of the best spas for the ultimate relaxing getaway is a major factor in this high ranking.

Lisbon Portugal cliffside

Lisbon also has a lot to offer to keep tourists busy, sharing similar scores with more popular cities such as London and Barcelona.

3- Amsterdam, Netherlands – Score of 7.60

Just like Lisbon, Amsterdam also offers many world-class spas for a relaxing vacation. With its many coffee shops, Amsterdam does offer Wi-Fi across the city.

However, with all the activities, such as simply taking a bike and enjoying a ride outside, it counteracts the temptation to connect with the digital world.

Amsterdam bikes

It’s easy to see why Amsterdam is in the top 3 cities to keep your phone turned off.

2- Rome, Italy – Score of 7.65

Rome comes in ranked #2 as a bucket list destination for the ultimate digital detox vacation. 

The food, scenery and overall historical culture are indescribable in the best of ways. 

The Eternal City has a lot to offer visitors. With a high number of parks, Rome is a great place to be outside and keep your phone tucked away.

scooters in rome italy alleyway

There is also a high number of car-free zones to avoid the stress of everyday traffic. Walking through the city or renting a scooter through the narrow alleyways are the best ways to experience this immaculate city.

Booking a tour is another fun option to keep your technology temptations at bay. Let the tour guide do the work and enjoy all there is to see in one of Italy’s main attractions.

1- Prague, Czech Republic – Score of 7.96

Coming in ranked #1 is the amazing city of Prague. The capital of the Czech Republic measured high scores across all the metrics InsureMyTrip used.

Prague skyline and ferry

The main reason Prague ranks high is the lack of traffic. The average travel time is approximately 16 minutes.

Prague is an excellent city for walking to take in the unique architecture and lovely streets.

With the lack of traffic and plenty of activities, it's no guessing game to see why this amazing European city is the best place for a digital detox. 

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