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These 2 Islands Aim To Become The Next Big Tourism Hotspots In Europe

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We all know the mainstream destinations in Europe; Paris, London, and Barcelona come to mind. Travelers love exploring Europe—perhaps this year more than any other before.

There are so many trending places that it becomes hard to choose where you want to go. The options are wide-ranging from a fun trip exploring major cities, a relaxing getaway in the Greek Islands, and even exploring stunning nature in countries surging in popularity.

Woman in glasses in Greenland

Many of these wonderful places take us back in time through amazing historic architecture and cobblestone streets. But what does the future hold for new places to venture off to in Europe?

There are a pair of off-path islands not often visited set to become more popular; at least that is the goal.

One reportedly has 20,000 more sheep than people; the other should swap names with Iceland. Yes, we are talking about the Faroe Islands and Greenland.

Both off-the-beaten-path and stunning in their own right.

More Connectivity

Atlantic Airways plane in Iceland

If 2 places want to catch the eye of future travelers, then there needs to be a reliable way to get there. Both islands are in the process of getting more flights, although the Faroe Islands is a step ahead.

Earlier this year, an exciting new route was launched to this bucket list island from the U.S. In fact, it was the first-ever nonstop route to the Faroe Islands from America.

Travelers can now take Atlantic Airways directly to this astounding isolated island for New York. There may be more sheep than people here, but that doesn't mean they're not prepared to welcome you.

Cozy boutique hotels are spread across the small capital city of Tórshavn, along with a new Hilton.

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Tórshavn Faroe Islands

Greenland is a little further behind in terms of connectivity. But the world's largest island has grand plans to become a major draw for European travelers.

The difference is this is a long-term goal, while the Faroe Islands are more equipped already. Greenland's small capital city of Nuuk has a new airport in the works and is set to open in 2024.

Two other smaller airports are also being constructed in the towns of Ilulissat and Qaqortoq. Limited cruises are already becoming more popular, but Greenland hopes more tourists will arrive by air in the coming years.

colorful houses of nuuk greenland

Nuuk expects direct flights to other European cities and North America, including both Canada and the continental U.S. However, there are no confirmed reports of where those new flights will derive from.

Why The Faroe Islands Should Be More Popular

This 18-isle wondrous island nation will take your breath away. Now that there is a direct flight in place, more travelers will spread the word—at least that's what the Faroe Islands are hoping.

Set between the frigid cold waters of Iceland and Norway, this semi-autonomous nation is ready to embrace more outsiders.

stunning waterfall and greenery in Faroe Islands

With neighboring Iceland breaking tourism records, the Faroe Islands make for a great alternative to avoid crowds.

Since there are only 5 stoplights in the entire nation, it's not exactly jam-packed like some of Iceland's top attractions.

If you want to truly experience a stunning waterfall on your own, you can do that here. In Iceland, you might have to weave in and out of selfie sticks.

Enjoy this untouched gem while you can.

aerial view of Faroe Islands

Why Greenland Believes It Is Europe's Next Hotspot

In addition to the 3 new upcoming airports to bring in travelers, Greenland understands why travelers would want to come in the first place.

While not a budget destination, this gargantuan island is full of awesome outdoor adventures worth the bill.

The magnificent landscape is unparalleled and will leave you in awe of the astounding nature everywhere you go.

tourist in ice cave

Taking in all the sights will give travelers lifelong memories of unspoiled wonders, whether going whale watching or spending a day dog sledding. How's that for a story to tell your friends?

Seeing amazing icebergs and glaciers, along with hopping in the natural hot springs are some of the top attractions travelers can already experience.

However, it may be best to wait for new flights to come in since the prices are expected to be lower and easier to reach the island than at present times.

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Thursday 17th of August 2023

Boycott the Faroe Islands until they put an end to the barbaric Grind.


Wednesday 16th of August 2023

PS: Twice to Iceland (2009 & 2011) Svalbard (2023)


Wednesday 16th of August 2023

Already been to both Greenland (2015) and Faroe Islands (2023). Supposed to go in 2020 but due to pandemic postponed to 2023.