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These 3 Caribbean Islands Have The Cheapest Flights For Americans This Winter

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The Caribbean and its many, many record-breaking hotspots have always captured travelers’ interest in a way few other destinations on Earth can.

However, the paradisical weather and dreamy beaches come at a steep price.

young woman walking on tropical beach at St lucia

Getting in and out of the region’s gorgeous islands often involves the purchase of expensive plane tickets that end up draining most of your travel budget, leaving you unable to indulge in most of the exciting experiences you’re traveling for in the first place.

Luckily for those looking to travel on a budget, this winter happens to be the cheapest time to fly to some of the Caribbean’s dreamiest destinations.

Antigua and Barbuda

The twin-island nation located in the eastern Caribbean has become an increasingly popular choice among budget-conscious travelers these past few years, with airfare making up the majority of the costs – that is, unless you’re traveling in January 2024.

Antigua island in Caribbean sea

According to Skyscanner, plane tickets to Antigua and Barbuda this upcoming year are set to fall to $319, marking an annual low that’s not going to last too long.

While that’s one of the lowest possible rates you can get for a round-trip, average ticket costs don’t go much higher, either, hovering around $368, which is a major improvement from what we’ve seen this past November, for example, when the lowest you could pay for airfare was roughly $690.

Keep in mind that while Antigua and Barbuda is one of the Caribbean’s lesser-known gems, routes connecting the country to several major U.S. hotspots are abundant, so you won’t struggle trying to find a flight that fits both your budget and schedule. 

Antigua airport

Since this is a smaller destination, accommodation options might be a bit more limited, but reasonably priced alternatives are still available, with many short-term rentals charging between $65 and $120 a night.

St. Lucia

The 238 sq mi (617 square kilometers) island has garnered a lot of traction these past few months and promptly positioned itself as one of the Caribbean’s trendiest hotspots.

Paradise beach at Soufriere Bay with view to Piton at small town Soufriere in Saint Lucia

This January, travelers wanting to see what the fuss is all about will get a once-a-year chance to get to and from St. Lucia for only $378, which is a steep mark-down from the $720+ you’d have to spend on the same exact plane tickets in June.

Even if we look at a more realistic estimate of $395 for a round trip (which is the current average), you’d still be saving more than $325 per person simply by timing your visit right.

The island nation is home to two major aerial gateways, Hewanorra International Airport and George F. L. Charles Airport, both of which cooperate with multiple major airlines whose tickets are easy to come by.

a runway in st. lucia surrounded by bright green grass and the sea

Accommodation in St. Lucia is also famously affordable, with multiple 4-star hotels located right in the center charging rates that range between $65 and $95, so finding comfortable, strategically-placed lodging while also sticking to your commitment to keeping travel costs low should be easy enough.


Widely known as the “Spice Isle” thanks to its rampant nutmeg and mace production, Grenada has recently become one of the region’s most popular destinations. 

If you, too, want to join the thousands of U.S. travelers flocking to the sun-soaked island, you’ll be delighted to learn that we’re quickly approaching the cheapest time to fly there.

Beautiful sandy beach and blue sea at Anse La Roche Bay on Carriacou island, Grenada, Caribbean sea

Come January, airfare prices will drop down to $325, which, and prepare yourself to be stunned, is a whopping 70.67% lower than the $1111 you’d have to pay if you were to travel in June 2024, which happens to be peak season price-wise.

To put that into perspective a group of four travelers would save roughly $3145 in travel costs alone just by planning their visit in January – that leaves you enough money to plan an entirely separate vacation!

Male Traveler Scrolling Through His Phone At A Tropical Beach Location, Caribbean Travel Concept

Accommodation prices in Grenada are a bit higher than what you’d find in St. Lucia, but on par with Antigua and Barbuda, with most budget options charging between $60 and $120 per night, depending on location and amenities.

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