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These Are 3 New Sleeper Trains Launching In Europe For 2024

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Long gone are the days when we spend a heaping amount of money on short-haul plane rides under 3 hours.

In today's day and age, travelers are looking for ease of travel on a budget. To keep up with the wants and needs of tourists, this travel trend is making that possible.


Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up in the morning and you’ve arrived at your next spot overnight? Train travel has always been a popular way to hop from city to city in Europe, but now there are 3 new routes launching… and we’re here for it all! 

More and more travelers are looking for impactful ways to become sustainable tourists in today’s world, and train travel certainly solves that problem.

BUT, this type of travel isn't for those who want something quick. Most European train journeys are definitely on the shorter side; however, long-distance travel across countries typically includes an overnight journey.

Train travel no longer consists of tight cabins and stuffy conditions… These new trains are setting the bar high for wanderers. Think comfy cabins for solo travelers, multiple fare options to choose from, and enough space to fit everything needed on your trip. 

train in europe

Vienna to Hamburg

Run by Austrian rail company ÖBB, the Nightjet Sleeper Train is a modern update on the past sleeper trains under this company. Only launching in December, there’s still many unknowns, but what we do know is that this route will get you from Vienna to Hamburg overnight. 

Ideal for solo female travelers, the new model offers mini cabins with lockable doors. Believe it or not, most sleeper trains don’t have this option, but the Nightjet provides ease of mind for those who seek out the safety of a lockable cabin. 

With varying fares depending on your journey and comfort level, prices fluctuate from $44 to $125 per person. Travelers can expect a sheet, blanket, and pillow in their cabins, along with some storage space and portable USB outlets. 

sleeper nightjet train

Paris to Berlin

ÖBB heard the buzz around train travel… And they delivered! Along with the launch of its Vienna to Hamburg route, the company also has a Paris to Berlin route owned by Nightjet.

Trains will depart from Paris and make stops along the way to Strasbourg, Frankfurt, Erfurt, and Berlin Südkreuz before reaching Berlin’s main train station. 

Taking off from Paris at 7:12pm and arriving in Berlin by 8:26am, you’ll be in your new city before you can say Sleeper Train. For now, the train will run 3 times a week, but come autumn there will be daily service options for travelers. 

Female Backpacker Preparing To Board A Train In Europe, Unspecified Location

Brussels to Prague

If two European routes weren’t enough, there’s a third! With a set launch date of March 25, 2024, Rail start-up European Sleeper has announced their Brussels to Prague option. 

An extension of the Brussels to Berlin ride, the train will have a few noteworthy stops along the way, including: Antwerp, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Berlin. While official prices haven’t yet been announced, the company will be accepting interrail tickets – so get reserving!

european trains

While these are a handful of the new launches in Europe, there are more exciting announcements across the train world. Driven by the climate crisis, countries across the EU are shelling out in an effort to provide sustainable options for tourists.

With new designs, comfort, and safety in mind for those possibly traveling alone, Sleepers are back in action and we’re all about it. Arguably more modern than past models, these trains offer a slick way for travelers to hop around Europe in a sustainable way. 

Overall, “trains emit on average six times less emissions per person, per mile than planes.” So, if you want to travel this year and reduce your carbon footprint, this is a viable option! Though not always the fastest and most convenient choice, in the long run it's worth it.

Woman boarding a European sleeper train

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Connie Young

Sunday 28th of January 2024

Nan and Sam Crumlish called me to ask if I would let you know that they thoroughly enjoyed reading this piece in your online magazine. They have crisscrossed Europe on night trains (even Serbia- eek!) and thoroughly enjoyed the experience (although they kept the blinds down in the station of the capital city of Serbia which they tell me is called Bergen although I think it is Belgrade (which sounds like a soda drink to me) and something even weirder in Serbese). Whatever, Nan and Sam loved your article. Mucho thankiolas, as we say in our funny way! 😁